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Driverless Cars, Hypersonic Tunnels, No More Traffic Lights

Driverless Cars, Hypersonic Tunnels, No More Traffic Lights

The next revolutionary change in the transportation business will be driverless cars. The future of motility rests with these driverless cars  that will mould the way next human generation will travel. In simpler words, the vehicle will be designed in a such a way that it would not need any driver and would be efficient in detecting its surroundings and navigating without any human effort. These driverless cars, also known as robotic cars, use numerous advanced technologies to sense slight change in the surroundings like the GPS, radar, laser light etc. The techniques which are ahead on progress helps in interpretation sensory inputs to act accordingly, like identifying obstacles and pertinent signages.

The big names in the road transportation industry are accumulating their ideas and endeavour and promises to modify the future travel experiences. Tech giant Google first made the announcement of manufacturing driverless cars back in 2009. However, after miles and miles of testing in the public road, Google acknowledged its responsibility when an autonomous car hit a bus in an accident. Experts claimed that had it been driven by a human driver there would have been more risks of accidents after driving for miles and miles. These driverless cars  would be made available to the public in the next five years. This entire new concept of driverless cars technology is alluring wealthy investors like the Uber, Volvo, Google, Amazon from all over the world.

Recently Britain unveiled a robotic car known as the Robocar for fifty people involving all ultra-modern technologies. The driverless cars  did not have any space fora human driver, neither a windscreen nor a steering. It is supposed to be on race tracks for its first round of trials. This development definitely proves that what could not be thought ten years ago is turning into reality and it is expected that this massive effort would be appreciated by all.

This path breaking development does have its positive and negative aspects. Having robotic cars will reduce the traffic and accidents taking place which in turn will decrease the related costs therefore a reduction in insurance is guaranteed. Equipped with highly sensitive technology, it will elevate the mobility of the children, disabled and the poor. It has been seen that an average car takes a lot of time in parking but with this autonomous system parking is made easier. Last but not the least it will have lower consumption of fuel compared to human driven cars.

However, the acceptance of high technologies is debatable as a lot of people would need training and thorough understanding of it as it concerns a huge responsibility. The government would need to pass certain necessary rules and regulations which would take a lot time to implement. Hackers and terrorism can be regarded as deadly threats as it concerns the risk of losing private data and security. This may aid in saving time but a huge number of people would lose their jobs in the transport industry.

Nevertheless, automobiles are the symbol of power, speed and individualism and it is matter of few years that this far-reaching vision turns into actuality.

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First Bio Pay Shop Opens in South Korea

First Bio Pay Shop Opens in South Korea

The entrance to the convenience korean store was similar to the subway ticket gate! Through the technology news found here can reveal everything about this “Bio Pay” Convenience store. At the checkout counter, instead of the employee, a ‘360-degree auto-scan Bio Pay counter’ greeted guests. Pick up the item and place it on the cashier conveyor belt. No complicated calculations are necessary to take out the cards or put cash in. When the customers put the palm only on the registered palm recognizer, the calculation was completed and the receipt was spit out. This must be very much exciting technology news that you would have read recently over online, ain’t it?

Korea Seven, which operates Lotte Group convenience store, unveiled its unenrolled store ‘7-Eleven Signature’ on the 31st floor of Lotte World Tower in Songpa-gu, Seoul. There is no staff in charge at this Bio Pay store. Seven-Eleven applied Lotte Information Communication’s ‘360-degree automatic scanning cash register’ and Lotte Card’s palm authentication payment method ‘Bio Pay’ for unattended settlement.

– Introduced unmanned payment using new type bio metric recognition for the first time in the distribution industry … No one is involved for doing calculations.

In order to enter this Bio Pay store, you must register in the Lotte Card booth in front of the store. This is to prevent theft as it is an unattended Bio Pay shop with no full-time workers.

7-Eleven officials reveals the technology news of this store says that the, “The Bio Pay store is located in the office area of Lotte World Tower, so you can register.” Currently, only Lotte Card users can register their palms.

“HandPay is a kind of Bio Pay that can be paid for as part of a person’s body, and it is the first commercially available in the world,” said Lotte Card. “Bio Pay” is easier to settle than iris recognition, It is more secure than easy fingerprint recognition. ”

In the past, the price tag of the shop that had to be reprinted every time a product was changed was replaced by an electronic LED. In addition to basic information such as product name and selling price, the electronic price list is filled with NFC and QR codes, so you can find discount coupons and detailed product information through mobile apps. The cigarette is sold through ‘smart safe cigarette vending machine’. Because it can be purchased in this Bio Pay store only through adult authentication, it is possible to block the purchase of tobacco from the youth.

There is no cashier, but there are workers who fill inventory and maintain store cleanliness. 7-Eleven officials said, “Existing convenience store employees spent 64.7% of their time on simple calculations, but I expect unattended settlement stores to focus on store management and services such as store cleanliness, product ordering and display.”

– Shin Dong-Bin’s 4th Industrial Revolution Will Reflect … Starting Unmanned Shops

The Lotte World Tower 31st floor, which has the 7-Eleven signature, is located in the office area. The store is operated by office workers who have been in Lotte World Tower. An official of Seven-Eleven said, “We will pilot the Lotte employees to compensate for any problems that may arise in the future.”

As this Bio Pay store is a test store, facilities for collecting big data were prepared. The 360-degree auto-scan counter is equipped with an object recognition solution. It is an artificial intelligence that recognizes the volume of each product by itself and automatically recognizes and learns errors when products are overlapped. Smart CCTV installed at four corners of this Bio Pay store not only monitors theft and accidents, but also provides marketing information such as the residence time of customers.

The opening of the 7-Eleven Signature is said to reflect the will of Shin Dong-bin, Lotte Group chairman. Shin emphasized the importance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and ordered distribution innovation that combines information and communication technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, Lotte put all of its competencies in group affiliates such as Lotte Card, Lotte Information & Communications as well as Korea Seven into this Bio Pay store opening.

The event was attended by representatives of Korea Seven, Kim Chang-kwon, Lotte Card, Maengdyeong Lotte Information Communication, Park Hyun-chul, Lotte World representative, Park Young-soo,

“7-Eleven Signature is a smart convenience store equipped with IT technology and systems that are appropriate for the 4th Industrial Revolution era, and I hope to make a breakthrough in the distribution industry using Bio Pay,” said Chung Seung-in, CEO of Korea Seven

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Google’s AlphaGo clinches series win over Chinese Go master

Google’s AlphaGo clinches series win over Chinese Go master

AlphaGo – Software Beats Top Player

From the Technology news from the most trusted source reveals a year after the surprisingly clear victory of an AI Alpha Go, the program is now to prove its abilities against the top runners of the unofficial World Cup. The signs already point to a victory of the AI.

AlphaGo can now showed against it whether the algorithm really is superior to the best human player. The Technology news says at the beginning of 2017, however, a first mysterious Go player had hit a series of professionals – including Lee Sedol – before DeepMind made public that it was AlphaGo. The developers obviously have a good reason to be able to expect a win in front of the public.

The decision is clear: Go-pro Lee Sedol has also lost the fifth and final game against the Google software AlphaGo. The victory of artificial intelligence marks a historic turning point.

The duel is decided, and it was exactly the other way round, as the human go champion Lee Sedol had projected as said by the trusted source of Technology news. He will win five games, Lee hoped before the tournament against the Deepmind software AlphaGo, at the very top the party man against computer 4 to 1 emanate. The result is correct, with only the opposite sign: In the fifth and last game on Tuesday, AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol again said a regular source from the Technology news. The 33-year-old Lee gave up after 280 trains on Tuesday.


The fourth game was the go-genie Lee, one of the best players in the world. The gameplay of the software had astonished professionals and go-fans around the world: AlphaGo is “a man would never make,” said professional player Young Sun Yoon.

According to the trusted Technology news source, we found that the result of the tournament surprised Go’s connoisseurs, but not the protagonists of reinvigorated research in the field of artificial intelligence. The reason we came to know by the Technology news that the AlphaGo is partly based on learning neural networks. Such networks are initially fed with large amounts of data – in this case, historical Go games – and then further trained. Through the Technology news we came to know that AlphaGo has played against himself for many months, apparently developing Go tactics against which the professional Lee Sedol was powerless.

In the event of a win, Lee would have won a $ 1 million prize, and now the money goes to the Google subsidiary Deepmind – the company had already announced in advance that they would donate the money for good purposes as revealed by the latest Technology news.

The success of the tournament marks a turning point not only in terms of computer-go: the fact that learning, artificial neural networks are obviously able to come independently to solving problems that people have not come to, is likely to change many areas of life, And ways in which future scientific knowledge could be achieved.

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Behold the Luxurious BMW 8 Series Concept Car

Behold the Luxurious BMW 8 Series Concept Car

What you need to know about the BMW 8 Series

The BMW  8 Series Concept car is a perfect combination of luxury and sportiness combines with the perfect automobile technology, and gives an outlook on the new version of the new BMW 8 Series. We have all the info!

Introduction: BMW 8 Series

BMW 8 Series particularly bullish that comprises of fantabulous automobile technology. The wheel arches are strongly exposed, the exhaust pipes are reminiscent of the Lexus LC500.

BMW 8 Series _1

The taillights could come directly from the i8 and protrude at the top out of the bodywork – this should give the rear even more latitude. The new concept BMW 8 series equipped with automobile technology has comes up with the new Ducktail spoiler is quite new.

The Barcelona Gray ensures a certain elegance, looks from almost certain angles almost dull. Overall, BMW is looking for the perfect mix of luxury and sportiness. Designer Adrian van Hooydonk describes the BMW 8 Series Concept with advanced automobile technology has the three “P”: Power, Passion, Performance. It remains to be hoped that BMW will transfer as much as possible from the elegance, presence and performance of the study into the series.

Interior: Seats in the BMW  8 Series

The doors of the 8 Series Concept open gently as soon as you stroke your hand over it. Caution is advised when getting into the car: the carbon-fiber strips with the Concept BMW 8 8 Series lettering are not to be scratched. In general, this study must be treated as a raw egg. The seats with carbon ridges look like tightly screwed slat seats. However, surprise, not only drive the seats electrically in position, they are also more comfortable than imagined.

 BMW 8 Series _2

BMW relaunch the BMW 8 series! In 1989, the generation E31 came onto the market and is still considered a design icon. Just 30 years later, the luxury coupe returns. From 2018 onwards, the series version completed with amazing automobile technology will compete against the Mercedes S-Class Coupe.

The concept BMW 8 Series, presented by the Munich team, presents a very concrete outlook. BMW promises the incorporation of the fantastic automobile technology that the new BMW 8 series is to be strongly oriented on the fully-driven design study. The long-term concept shows that BMW is serious about returning to the class of luxury.

The proportions are typical BMW: In the new series greatly supported by this automobile technology has come up with the huge snout, long wheelbase, crooked silhouette and heavily exposed wheel arches. The front with the typical sharknose is dominated powerfully. They are lined with narrow headlights with laser light.

BMW 8 Series _3

The daytime running lights are hexagonal designed, as we already know from current BMW like 5s or 7s. The design concentrates on only two lines, both of which have their origin behind the air outlet. The powerful 21-inch rims fill the wheel arches well and look exactly right. Typical study are the from the full milled exterior mirror bars and the nonexistent door handles. This new series that is incorporated by this advanced automobile technology has comes up with touch screens, as used by McLaren in early MP4-12C models.

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Google I/O 2017 Annual Developer Festival Held

Google I/O 2017  Annual Developer Festival Held

Google I/O 2017: All presentations and announcements from the developer conference

The Google I/O 2017 was took place on 17 to 19 May. In the context of this year’s developer conference, the company is expected to address Android O, Android Wear, Daydream and the Google Assistant. There may also be new information on the wedding between Android and Chrome OS.

Google I/O 2017: When and where happened?

For Google I/O 2017, Google has come up with something: instead of announcing the date and place just like the years before on the website of the developer conference, the company published a multi-part puzzle. This prompted a lively cooperation of the community, which exchanged itself on different channels and so within one day the collective found the solution.

Once again, visitors to the developer conference have to endure the sunny and sometimes sweaty weather in the Mountain View in California. As in the case of Google I/O 2016, the event also took place in the open air in the Shoreline Amphitheater in 2017.

Google I/O _1

Google I/O 2017: What to Expect

Android O, Chrome OS and Andromeda?
There are a number of issues that Google I/O 2017 might address. So far, there has been no concrete information on the next Android version. In addition, there is at least the possibility that Google will ultimately adopt the union of Android and Chrome OS, which has been broadcast for quite some time. Under the codename Andromeda, this project has already participated in surmisals several times.

Google I/O _3
Google Lens: Google makes the smartphone camera wiser
The great program called Google Lens gives smartphone cameras the ability to recognize and process image content. The feature is to be integrated into the assistant and the gallery app photos, bringing end-users closer to Google’s AI efforts.
Google presented the new feature Google Lens at its developer conference Google I/O. Google Lens is intended to enable smartphone cameras to interpret the captured images, to give information and to process them. The Lens program thus represents another step in Google’s work to incorporate artificial intelligence into its services.
Daydream VR
A similarly hot prospect like Android O should be Daydream. The VR platform on the I / O 2016 is still in the children’s shoes. However, Google makes no secret that the Group is very interested in the success of the project. According to a rumor, Google is even working on a high-end headset for VR, similar to the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Google I/O _4
Google Assistant and Home
Under the current trend, countless digital assistants sprout from the ground. A pioneer of this field, however, is Google, which intends to keep this role presumably. It would be a little surprising if the Google Assistant received a few new tricks in the context of the Google I/O 2017. Perhaps the service even ends up in the Play Store and is accessible to all Android devices. Because the assistant is only limited, says: Pixel-exclusive.
Google Home is also likely to come up. A direct successor of the Alexa competitor would probably be too early, but at least a few new features are not absurd. In addition, Google could launch a dot-like extension.
Android Wear and Auto, Google Allo and Duo
Finally, a few bouncers, which Google mentioned on the Google I/O 2017, but big announcements rather unlikely are: This includes Android Wear, whose second version despite announcement on the I / O 2016 only in February 2017 comes out, Android car , Which is not yet on the market, and last but not least promising services of the past year, but functionally lagged behind expectations – yes, this is mainly Google Allo.
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Android O will Make Your Battery Longer

Android O will Make Your Battery Longer

The New Android O

An essential part of our daily lives, people use smartphones to connect to the outer world to gather knowledge by surfing internet, social media platforms, check mails etc. In other words, it has made our life a lot easier. Android is the most popular mobile platform owned by Google which comes with all the advantages provided by the company and is pre-installed in smartphones and tablets. It allows the users to access google services like YouTube, Google maps, Google search engine, Gmail etc. Android technology has definitely made converted our phones into mini computers.

Android O, Google’s new software, is official now. Nougat will be succeeded by Android O. Google has worked to bring out important changes that will have new functionality to the smartphones and tablets. Some of the new features of  Android O include –

  • The Android O software, designed in such a way that it will restrict the apps which runs on the backdrop when not in use, therefore increasing the battery life of the phone making it last longer.
  • We need to deal with a lot of mess, making us confused, when we are notified from multiple apps, sometimes about unnecessary things and at times it can really be distracting. The new Android O software comes to the rescue as one of the feature includes grouping of notification. It will launch a snooze button that will help in case of meetings and will assist in prioritizing certain alerts of events over others depending on their importance.
  • Another characteristic of the new software which can prove to be hugely popular among users using various online video sharing and streaming media websites is the picture in picture (PiP) method. In simpler words, the user can continue watching videos while operating any other app without pausing the video clip. A minimized video window will appear on the screen of your device.
  • Google has also added programs that are capable of assisting in the upgradation of the accuracy of the audio output that is played through headphones or speakers.
  • There will be no notable changes regarding the design but the app icons may slightly look different – the shape and size may vary.

Like the previous versions of Android O, it is expected that Google will name this new software after something sweet. The senior vice-president of Android has made cryptic references from which it can be concluded that Oreo is the current forerunner. The current version Nougat followed Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmellow.

The new software of Android O is available after its initial stages of development for downloading. However, the programs of this software are still worked upon so it is advisable that non-developers should not download it as it may damage the device wiping all the data. The second developer preview is scheduled to be out soon which will be of beta quality.

Android O will be available first on Google devices like the Nexus and the Pixel and then will roll out to brand new models from other brands. As the most used and favored Android platform Google needs to deliver the features that it’s millions of users want and hope for a positive review. The new handsets may come into the market by the end of the year.

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What’s Holding Back Self Driving Cars? Human Drivers

What’s Holding Back Self Driving Cars? Human Drivers

Self Driving Cars on Hold

As technology is progressing with years, self driving cars are becoming the new topic of discussion for automotive engineers and the like, across the globe. Robotaxis will soon become the talk of the town, driving along with human driven cars. The development however is slow, hectic, expensive but worthwhile.
Self driving cars are programmed in such a way that they run at a particular speed limit, which is lesser than the human driven car speed limit. They are well mannered robots, manufactured and programmed to drive around cities, curbing accidents as well as traffic. For example, Los Angeles has a system in which drivers pass by stop symbols if there is no traffic, whereas in rush hours in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they cross double yellow lines to queue to left-turn on a freeway. Humans basically know when obey rules and when not to, according to their convenience.

Co-existing together:

For human driven cars and robotaxis to function together, years of research and modulation will be required, according to programmers. Human behavior and traffic have to co-exist in harmony for the success of self driving cars. This would lead to expensive developments and that will take time. Human psychology too governs driving cars, so the programming has to be top notch for the success of self driving cars.

Every country has their own driving norms and traffic jams and rules. What a European road would look like would be very different from that of an Asian road. Then comes the problems of aggressive drivers and one example would be the reckless driving style of Indian drivers, casually changing lanes according to their convenience.
According to Kathy Winter, the vice president of driving solutions of Intel, by the year of 2030 automated Self driving cars will be able to mimic human intelligence. Sensor driven cars are gathering information of roads as well as behavioral patterns of drivers to create a huge database to use for the programming of the Self driving cars, this would involve Artificial Intelligence.The process is time consuming and expensive but someday there is hope of even beating Beijing’s traffic with these cars.
Self driving cars will soon develop to have common sense installed in its system. Carnegie Melon University has nobly come up with the idea by which cars can adapt to handle the ‘Pittsburgh left’ by waiting an entire second for a turn to clear before moving after green light. Such sensors will also figure out whether to stop or go for green or red light, establishing a communication of the vehicles to avoid accidents.
Even though there are lot of speculations about this and skeptical judges criticizing it, the technology has a very bright future in the Automobile Industry. With years, as Artificial Intelligence reaches newer heights, there will be simplification for the programmers to speed up the development of self-driven cars.

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When Drones Meet 3D Printing: A DIY Match Made in Heaven

When Drones Meet 3D Printing: A DIY Match Made in Heaven

Technology has been busy delivering us with exceptional tools that can be used for production, play, and the benefit of all. For example, 3D printers are making progress and some believe that soon we’ll have cheaper and functional components for healthcare. Moreover, drones are growing in popularity for recreational usage yet commercial giants have just begun to experiment using them for business purposes. It would seem like 3D printing and drone ingenuity work great in unison. Here’s why.

Replacement Parts

As beginners soon find out, drones are fragile and components get damaged and destroyed through slight or slightly larger mistakes. However, most damage is a quick fix. You can find parts online or at your local hobby shop. Alternatively, one could try a hand in making replacement parts with a 3D printer. For an intense drone hobbyist, a 3D printer can start paying for itself over time.

Mad Scientist

There is no one single blueprint aligned with drones. They come in various shapes and sizes while hosting an array of features. A person who is a bit clever in engineering could potentially make their own parts or entire drone. While you may have to contact the FAA regarding any restrictions to what one can put in the air, the thought of creating your own drone parts or entire models is pretty cool.

Learn from Others

As mentioned above, it’s exciting to consider the notion of making your own models, yet you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Plenty of people have been meddling with 3D printers and modifying existing drone models. Therefore, you can learn a lot by reading about the experiences of others, asking questions in forums, and taking a look at the blueprints of other creators.

Convenient Surplus

Imagine it’s a beautiful day, you drive about 20 minutes to an open destination, your drone takes flight, and you damage a part within the first minute. That’s terribly unfortunate and inconvenient. But only if you don’t have spare parts. When you have a 3D printer, you will always have backups of the parts that you’re more likely to need.

Mock Creation

One could analyze the parts of other models, viewing those of friends or perusing in stores. After getting a sense for the size and dimensions of a component, one could try and replicate the design at home. For example, you may want to mount a camera onto your drone. You could purchase a GoPro mount or you try to mock the design on your own. If you can save money then you could place more toward a drone you want. View the best drones for under 500 dollars.

Enhance Performance

Some 3D creators produce parts that will enhance the experience of flying or the performance of their drone. For example, a printed range booster can dramatically increase how far away your drone can fly from the remote. However, when placing printed components on the drone, you’ll have to be concerned about the added weight and how it will drain the drone’s battery.

Materials Matter

Materials matter when it comes to added weight. For example, creators leverage both PLA and ABS, yet each has its own properties. PLA is cheap and easy to work with but it’s not heat or UV resistant. ABS is light and has good temperature resistance yet it emits toxic fumes.


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The Latest Concept for NASA Mars Rover is 28 Foot-Long Six-Wheel-Drive Batmobile!

The Latest Concept for  NASA Mars Rover is  28 Foot-Long Six-Wheel-Drive Batmobile!

A Batmobile based conceptual design for NASA Mars Rover has been developed

If you are a big fan then must be aware of his love for gadgets and each new movie tends to add more to its repertoire. Just assume that Batman has to take a trip to Mars in search of life then he has to make some extreme changes to its batmobile in order to withstand the cruel climate of the red planet. Parker Brother Concepts has just the same by taking this concept into building a full fledged concept car i.e. Mars Rover which will help in exploring the Mars in a unique fashion and just having a look at this car feels like something has popped out of the pages of a comic book.

Working with NASA

Parker Brothers Concepts has built this Mars Rover in partnership with the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. This rover is a six wheeled fully –electric vehicle which modeled upon the batmobile present in the recent Dark Knight movies. NASA has helped the Parker Brother Concepts in understanding the exquisite requirements for building a craft fit for the Mars terrain.

This batmobile can reach up to a top notch speed of 112 kmph which is a remarkable feat in itself. It has a length of 28 feet and weighs about 2300 kg and it has been specifically designed to withstand the gruesome challenging conditions of the red planet.

Mars Rover _2

Features of the Mars Rover

This batmobile concept Mars Rover appears a giant beast with huge metal body but in reality it boasts of a number of unique features. Developers have stated that this is a ‘dual purpose vehicle’ which can be separated right from the middle to acts as two different vehicles. While separating the Mars Rover vehicle from the middle it bring the driver and assistant part present in the frontal area to get removed from the primary design and it can be used for the exploration missions as well. The remaining body of the Mars Rover vehicle having rest of the crew can setup their mobile lab for carrying out the essential research in the mean time.

Developers and officials at NASA are planning to showcase this vehicle across the major cities of US in upcoming months. This will be part of the NASA’s promotional event for the Mars which will also include a number of astronaut training regimes being conducted at the Kennedy Space Center.

A moment of rejoice for the Batman fans

It is a great moment for the comic books lovers and batman fans as well as the sci-fi enthusiasts to get a closer look at the batmobile inspired Mars rover. Apart from the city tours the developers has also revealed that this concept rover will feature in a new reality television series which is in filming at the moment. It is worth noting that this vehicle is prototype version which has the potential to serve as the baseline for future ambitious designs for the Mars rover but it doesn’t mean that the Dark Knight will be using it to fight across the red planet.

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Man Thanks iPhone Siri for Saving His Life

Man Thanks iPhone  Siri for Saving His Life

Siri saves a man’s life during fire by calling the authorities

Siri is one of the most widely used and apparently smart digital assistant for the smartphone but this time around it has shown its awareness and intelligence by saving a man’s life. iPhone Siri has saved the life of man who was injured in a house explosion. On May 1, this man named Christopher Boucher, is a resident of New Hampshire found himself in midst of a house explosion which left him with extreme burns. Due to the burns he was unable to dial 911 then he made use of the  Siri to contact who eventually end up in saving his life in the nick of the time.

How this unfortunate event unfolded?

Later investigations have revealed that on May 1 Christopher Beaucher has gone upon checking is mother’s vacant cottage which is present in Wilmont. Beaucher has found something suspicious in the house while checking it and as he turned on the light to look upon the house went into the flames with an explosion. With this explosion a major part of the structure collapsed leaving his hands and face badly burned.  Beaucher was lucky enough to crawl out of the debris and fire raging through the house. He went to his Land Rover retrieved his phone but he was unable to dial the numbers as his fingers and face was burned badly. So he asked the iPhone Siri to call 911 and it obliged. Beaucher was going into the shock and the finesse with which Siri has made the call to the authorities has been influential in saving the life of Beaucher,


Siri emerges as hero

Beaucher has given the credit to  Siri for saving his life and he considers himself extremely lucky. This is the first time Siri has been thanked or played a vital in saving someone’s life by doing the needful in an efficient fashion which it is known to perform at all times. The praise given to the Siri is commendable but even Beaucher resolve and quick thinking in making use of Siri shouldn’t be seen as a small effort as he was going into the shock. Apple devices are known for incredible security features but they can bring security to the ‘life’ is never seen before it is quite enthralling to read as well.

Currently Beaucher is undergoing treatment for burns suffered during the fire at the Massachusetts hospital. He is expected to recover very soon to join his job as a cook at the New London Inn as well as he will spend his remaining time in tending the small farm. An account on the GoFundMe has been set up in order to recover the cost of the treatment for Beaucher. Authorities are still investigating the reason behind the explosion and it is worth noting no one else was at the house at that time. This house was up for sale during the time of the incident which ensured no one else is harmed at all.

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