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Light Pollution: The Unfortunate Side Effect of LED Lighting

Light Pollution: The Unfortunate Side Effect of LED Lighting

LED light is harmful for you in a way you can’t think of

Since the time we had invented LED lights we had brought it everywhere from homes to hoarding and what not. But a recent study has shown that it has resulted in a notorious  Light Pollution which we can’t simply oversee. LED amassed huge popularity among the consumers worldwide due to its being energy efficient which helped in cutting down the energy costs. This meant that people starting placing more light at the same cost thereby turning world brighter from ever before in the history of the mankind.

LED allowed us to illuminate the world without ever thinking twice about its impact on the environment. A unique research findings published in the Journal called Science Advances had brought a number of issues which are surfaced recently due to global rise of in the illumination of our surrounding, This study has also shown that the artificial lightings on the outdoor surfaces has grown at a rapid pace of 2.2 percent which is very alarming concerning the fact that it happens within a span of just four years from 2012 to 2016. More and more people globally are using light at night without thinking twice about the environment

We are lighting up almost everything needlessly

This research showcases that the growth in lighting has occurred on global scale in a similar fashion from the South America to Asia and Africa. There are few exceptions but data analyzed from the unique radiometer mounted on top of satellite has helped in understanding the nighttime lights on a scarier proportions. It was found that we had developed a knack for lighting up almost everything whether it is required or not like lightning up the bicycle pathway or sections of highways which wasn’t was lit in the past.

This research has also shown that the light pollution wasn’t seen at all in the worn torn regions like Syria and Yemen but some of the countries like Spain, US and Netherlands were right ahead in enjoying the brightest nights. This report has also forecasted that the artificial light emission will continue to increase in the upcoming days.

A noble cause turned into a creepy reality

Just a decade back given the rise in the global temperature and incessant burning of the fossil fuel  led to the creation of LED lights. A massive campaign was launched on global scale towards the adopting of the LED lights due to the environmental concerns but we had new light related problems for ourselves unknowingly. Now we have light pollution to deal with where everything is lit regardless of need or utility but simply the fact that we can afford to lit it. This research elaborately discusses how the light affects human body clocks and seriously damages the sleeping patterns. Excessive light is even blamed for lack of sleep in this modern society which further makes us susceptible to a number of health problems such as high blood pressure, depression and diabetes.

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Dolby Vision vs HDR10: Which is best?

Dolby Vision vs HDR10: Which is best?

What is HDR on TV? Which is better HDR 10 or Dolby Vision?

HDR is one of the buzzwords when we talk about televisions in this 2017. We’ll see what it is and if it’s worth it. We will also analyze the characteristics of the two most popular HDR standards, the HDR 10 and the Dolby Vision.


The High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology or high dynamic range is a concept that will be very familiar to photography fans. Basically this technology allows you to see at once and in detail dark areas and clear areas. This is achieved with darker blacks and more luminous targets, without interfering with each other.

If the 4K has brought us more pixels, the HDR tries to improve the quality of them.


Currently there are two technologies that are disputed to become the HDR standard in the world of televisions: the HDR 10 and the Dolby Vision.


HDR 10

The HDR10 is an open and free standard by which manufacturers do not have to pay any license for its use.

DOLBY VISIONDolby Vision is a proprietary standard of Dolby laboratories. It is a more demanding standard and that in theory should give a higher quality than the HDR10. We say in theory because the image quality at the end depends on many more factors, but the technology itself is superior.


Then we will see a table that summarizes the main differences, below we will see the implication of each one:

Dolby Vision

                                               HDR10                                   DV

Depth of color        Excellent                               Good

Maximum brightness   Excellent                         Excellent

Tonal Mapping Depends on the manufacturer More consistent        (better)

Dynamic                                                         Static                                       Metadata (better)

Availability of equipment                             (TV, Blu-ray, consoles, etc.) Very good Limited

Content availability                                       Good and growing rapidly     Limited

Depth of color

The HDR10 uses a 10-bit color depth, making it possible to represent 1,073 million colors. This number comes out of the following calculation.

Since each bit can have two values, the total number of different values (colors) in 10 bits is:

2^10= 1024

with 10 bits we can represent 1024 colors, as each pixel is formed from 3 primary colors (RGB- red, green, blue – red, green and blue) the total number of possible colors will be:

1024 ^ {3} = 1.073.741.824 = 1.073 \: millions

On the other hand, the Dolby Vision standard has a color depth of 12 bits. That if we calculate in a similar way to the previous case, we obtain that we can represent more than 68 billion colors.

To get an idea, the normal content we are used to seeing has 16.7 million colors (8 bits of depth of color). The jump to the HDR supposes to see transitions and graduations of color much more smooth.

Dolby Vision vs HDR10

Maximum Brightness

One of the parameters that gives more quality to the image is the contrast, the difference of light enters the illuminated areas and the dark areas. For this the HDR standards define a level of brightness that has to be achieved by the manufacturers that want to obtain the certifications.

The HDR 10 standard specifies a maximum brightness that can vary between 1,000 and 4,000 candelas per square meter (cd / m2 – it is a measure of luminance). However, Dolby Vision requires that the maximum brightness is always 4,000 cd / m2.

Both standards are prepared to reach a maximum brightness of 10,000 cd / m2, but at the moment there is no television on the market that can offer, or even if you want to get close to those brightness levels.

In this section both standards offer very similar capabilities.

Tonal mapping

The tonal mapping is a process that consists of enriching the tones of an image, so that it allows us to see tones that the television is not capable of producing.

For example, a TV that has a maximum brightness level of 1,000 cd / m2 is playing a movie of 4,000 cd / m2. How does it represent the images of more than 1,000 cd / m2 that the TV is not able to reach?

It does not reproduce them, and everything that exceeds 1,000 cd / m2 loses detail. In photography it is said that that part of the photograph has been burned.

Modify the images; and makes the 4,000 cd / m2 parts are represented with 1,000 cd / m2. And the intermediates (from 1,000 to 4,000 cd / m2) are represented by images of less than 1,000 cd / m2. This is the so-called tonal mapping.

For tonal mapping both standards use a PQ transfer function. However, the Dolby Visual system uses its own chip, which adjusts the tonal mapping according to the limitations (maximum brightness) of the television. In the HDR10, the tonal mapping is configured entirely by the manufacturer, which can cause inconsistencies between one television model and another (that a film looks different depending on the TV on which it is seen).


Metadata is extra data that describes other data. In video, metadata is used to describe the format and content of the video. For example, in the metadata, the levels of illumination of the scene can be described, so that the television uses them to represent the image in the most similar way to that specified by the film director.

The HDR 10 format only uses static metadata. This means that only the metadata are consulted at the beginning of the video playback. The Dolby Visual (DV), meanwhile, uses dynamic metadata, which allow different metadata to be used for each image.

This is an important advantage of the Dolby Visual. Because you should see that when viewing a movie in HDR10 the metadata specifies that the brightness during the movie will vary between 0 and 1,000 cd / m2. If there is a very dark scene, in which nothing surpasses, for example 50 cd / m2, only 5% of the color depth can be used. Since 1,073 million colors are distributed from 0 to 1,000 cd / m2. The scene will be very poor visually and many details of the image will be lost.

However, with the DV and dynamic metadata, the display parameters, such as minimum and maximum brightness, can be set scene by scene.

It is possible that in the future the HDR10 incorporated dynamic metadata. In addition, all HDR10 televisions on the market will now be compatible with a firmware update. [The HDR10 format has been renewed and already has dynamic metadata, the new standard is called HDR10 +]

The HDR 10 format is by far the most popular. Large manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic or Hisense already have models in the market with this technology.

On the contrary, the Dolby Vision system is still very little widespread and only some manufacturers like LG or Vizio have bet on it. Some models that already have Dolby Vision (such as LG OLED and LED UHD, Vizio series R, P and M, LeEco uMax 85 …)

Consoles and PCs

Both the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro have support for HDR10. Some games like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 already take advantage of this technology.

However, the Dolby Vision will not reach those consoles and will have to be the new generation that implements it.

Yes it will reach the PC by the Mass Effect: Adromeda, which will be one of the first triple A games to reach the market supporting Dolby Vision technology.

HDR players

Most Blu-ray HDR players (Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, etc.) support the HDR10 standard.

The new Google ChromeCast supports the Dolby Vision standard. So for now it’s the cheapest compatible Dolby Vision player you can buy.

HDR content

If to really take advantage of a 4K TV you need 4K content, to take advantage of an HDR TV you need the content to be in HDR. That’s why many streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video already have HDR content recorded natively.

Sources for HDR10: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube among others

Sources for Dolby Vision: Netflix, Amazon Video and VUDU. Some examples of current movies with this technology are Star Trek Beyond and Batman Vs. Superman


In recent years the image quality of television has improved a lot. Therefore, several standards have emerged that try to take advantage of this increase in quality and that aim to make a movie (video game, series, etc.) look the same on two different televisions.

On paper the DV (Dolby Visual) technology is more powerful and allows to achieve better image quality, but nevertheless few television models implement it at the moment.

The difference between both formats is not as important as it seems, the important thing is the quality of the TV. A good TV with HDR10, which has more brightness, better contrast, etc. It will be much better than a Dolby Vision television whose specifications are worse.

In fact, both formats are limited by televisions currently. Since the televisions are not able to take advantage of neither of the two standards completely. In fact it will take years until they do.

The best thing is that you see the quality of each television beyond looking at the certifications you have, because you have never been or will never be a guarantee of buying the best product, or the one that best suits you.





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3D print wireless sensors can Connect Objects

3D print wireless sensors can Connect Objects

Now 3D print wireless sensors objects can connect with other devices with Wi-Fi

If you think of world where every electronic device is connected with one but without any electronic entanglements then it isn’t farfetched. A team of scientists has been successful in creating such 3D print wireless sensors in plastic form boasting unique 3D print wireless sensors which don’t really need electronic for Wi-Fi to connect with other electronic devices. In other words these 3D printed objects don’t have any additional electronic component onboard which helps in establishing connection with the Wi-Fi. On the contrary they can easily sense can sense the respective need of the user and can connect with the Wi-Fi to do the needful without much of human intervention.

3D print wireless sensors Making fiction a reality

The way these sensors work seems to be plucked right out of the science fiction flick. It can allow bottle of detergents to sense whether they are full or running low and then it can connect online on its own to place an order. The researchers from the University of Washington had become the very first team to come up with 3D print wireless sensors in plastic objects which has the ability to collect data and communicate with other devices on Wi-Fi automatically.

Creating smart 3D print wireless sensors objects

Their goal was to allow millions of users worldwide to create smart objects right out of their 3D print wireless sensors without mush hassle. But the major challenge faced by them to create such 3D print wireless sensors which allows such objects to communicate wirelessly without even having any electrical components but just a plastic body.

In order to build such smart 3D printed objects which can communicate with other devices as well as commercial Wi-Fi receivers this team came up with a noble solution. They made us of the backscatter techniques which allows device to exchange information with one another. This was achieved by replacing some of the function which are achieved through electrical components right to the mechanical motions. These motions are specifically achieved by the use of gears, springs, switches and other intricate parts and of it can be 3D printed and can be backed with the 3D print wireless sensors to get the desired tasks performed.

Developing intelligent tools and widgets

This team of researchers has already 3 –D printed a number of different tools equipped with 3D print wireless sensors which can sense and send information to other devices. The devices printed by the team are a scale, wind meter and a water flow meter. The most unique device had been the water flow meter which was effectively utilized to track as well as order laundry soaps successfully in varied tests.

Apart from making these tools researchers had also created some 3D printed Wi-Fi input widgets like knobs, sliders and buttons which can be easily customized just like the tools. It can be designed to communicate with other devices over the Wi-Fi and it can be easily integrated within the ‘Internet-of-Things’ or so called smart devices. This will eventually help in creating a seamless connectivity between varied smart devices and enhance the experience of the users.

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Quantum Internet goes Hybrid

Quantum Internet goes Hybrid

Scientists turns quantum internet into a hybrid information network

A recent study published in the Nature magazine shows that the scientists had been successful in creating a one of a kind hybrid quantum network (quantum internet) link. The sudden surge in the development and evolution of the quantum information network is seen as new age technology which will leave everything behind by offering completely new capabilities in the field of communication and information processing. Coming up with a hybrid solution simply enhances the capability of such network to a whole new extent with immense future prospects. The team behind this remarkable research comprises of Nicholas Maring, Dr. Kutlu Kutler, Dr. Magherita Mazzera,Dr. Georg Heinze Pau Farrera from ICFO being led by Prof. Hugues de Riedmatten from ICREA.

What is a quantum internet information network?

A quantum information network or quantum internet is made up of quantum nodes which essentially stores and processes the information. These nodes are usually made up of matter systems which include doped solids, cold atomic gases and abundance of communicating particles in the form of photons. The major issue faced by the scientists is to find the right matter system which can help in providing optimum transfer of information. That’s why scientists have implemented the hybrid network wherein they were able to combine the best of the features from different material systems.

A number of earlier researches have shown that the transfer of information is reliably possible only between the identical nodes. But same haven’t been achieved before in any kind of hybrid network of nodes. In order to make this happen scientists have to devise a new solution which can help in strengthening the hybrid quantum network or quantum internet at the same time provides a reliable transfer of information. It is worth noting that photos are the one which helps in the transfer of the information. This happens when single photo gets to interacts in a completely noise free environment with other nodes or the matter system present therein which helps in offering varying bandwidths and wavelengths.

The future prospects of the hybrid quantum internet

The traditional world wide web was developed in the early 1980’s wherein information used to flows in the ‘bits’. This information is effectively processed and modulated by the chips placed on the computing devices and transmitted by the light pulses. By lights pulses we effectively mean the use of the optical fibers for high speed transmission of information from one place to another. When we talk about the quantum information network then the bits are replaced with the quantum bit or more aptly called ‘qubits’. Bits are usually known to carry only 0s or 1s but the quantum network can hold superposition of both of these states efficiently.

So quantum network will be able to allow us to bring highly secure data transmission along with enhanced data processing capability backed with quantum computing and furthermore it will help in help in enhancing the capability of other application and programs. In short quantum internet or network has the inert capability to revolutionalize the world like never before.

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Lightweight Automotive Structures Car Research Offers More Sustainable Future

Lightweight Automotive Structures Car Research Offers More Sustainable Future

New research offers a sustainable future with the rise of the Lightweight Automotive Structures cars

A research conducted on the Lightweight Automotive Structures cars has shown that such cars will happen to highly fuel efficient which is the need of the hour. Almost all the companies are planning to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in the automobiles in order to offers a better future to the masses and their research are in varied phases for the same effect. Yesterday a new facility was launched by the Senator James Paterson at the RMIT University in the name ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures (ATLAS).

A new beginning in Lightweight Automotive Structures

The ATLAS initiative has been started by the RMIT University in close partnership with two major universities namely Deakin University and Australian National University. Apart from these two universities the ATLAS initiative has a number of backers from the Ford Motor Company, CSIRO to as many as 11 other key international partner organizations from various countries like Germany, England and USA. The reason set to be conducted at the ATLAS is aimed bringing new products and processes which can help in transforming the Australia’s automotive industry with a focus on the sustainable resources.

ATLAS will be working on finding and developing new lightweight automotive materials as well as some advanced manufacturing processes which can help other industries to innovate further and create more job opportunities for others. The team at the ATLAS is very confident of building and inventing new lightweight automotive product designs backed with a serious abundance of the light weight components with high value. They will also be providing some sought out engineering services in the upcoming future to the global automotive market with their growing expertise in the light weight automotive designs backed with expertise in lightweight automotive structures & components.

Lightweight Automotive Structures Powering the global automobile market

ATLAS currently has enough brilliant minds at its disposal to empower the research the lightweight automotive structures like never before. It can help in shaping a new tomorrow where we can have more vibrant and highly sustainable economy built on the fuel efficient automobiles. This training center will focus on developing new lightweight technologies which can be brought onto mass production lines for the betterment of the planet.

Secondly it will look at the possibilities of carving battery manufacturing processes along with the energy storage design which will; help in limiting our dependence on the fossils fuels and ultimately helps in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions to a whole new extent.

As stated earlier this research bringing together some of the world’s renowned scientists, engineers and brightest minds in their respective field who will be working together to develop, train and mentor the next generation of researchers for Australia. This research brings together as many as 16 different organizations from varied countries namely United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia with a single goal of bringing such technologies which gives their due focus on the environment.  ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures (ATLAS) is expected to take 13 PhD candidates and 5 postdoctoral research fellows in its mission.

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Smart Paper Can Conduct Electricity, Detect Water

Smart Paper Can Conduct Electricity, Detect Water

Want  to save water that gets wasted due to leaky pipes? Smart Paper has come to the rescue.

A professor in the University of Washington created this Smart Paper that can detect the presence of water as well as conduct electricity.

He along with some undergraduate students had created a paper laced with nanomaterials for conducting electricity. By accident, some water fell onto this conductive paper, which made the LED light used to indicate conductivity turn off. They were disappointed, as they thought the water had ruined the conductive paper they had created. However, this accident leads to the discovery of the Smart Paper. They concluded that the conductive paper that they created was sensitive to water as well.

This was a “Eureka” moment for them. They now had a Smart Paper, which could not only conduct electricity, but also detect the presence of water.

Making of the Smart Paper

It is the usual method of making paper. They used the pulp, made some changes to the wood fibers and along with that mixed some nanomaterials to create the Smart Paper.

How does the Smart Paper work?

When water falls on the Smart Paper, there is 3 times expansion in the size of the fibrous cells. Due to this, the conductive nanomaterials present inside the paper are displaced.  This in turn, causes the LED light indicator to turn off as there is a disruption in the electrical connection. The Smart Paper is thus used as a switch to turn the LED light on or off showing the presence or absence of water.

In addition, it was noted that this process is reversible. The conductive nanomaterials return back to the original form when the paper dries. Hence, the Smart Paper can be use repeatedly.

Where can be the Smart Paper used?

There is a lot of water wastage due to pipe breaks or leaky pipes in cities as well as manufacturing units. It is difficult to detect the location of the leaks and the technicians find it difficult to disassemble the pieces of pipe to locate the problem. It is a costly exercise and plenty of water gets wasted.

The discovery of the Smart Paper has thus come to the rescue.

The creators of this “Smart” Paper are looking at a way whereby the sheet of this conductive paper can be put around a pipe or intersecting pipes along with a battery. If there is a leak, the paper will sense the presence of water and information will be sent to a technician at the control room to identify the area and plug the leak immediately.

It is also seen that the “Smart” Paper can detect the presence of water even in very small quantities. This will be useful in petroleum and biofuel industries, where water can be removed from the other molecules, as water is considered an impurity.

Sustainability and Cost

Firstly, the usual paper making process can make the Smart Paper.

The nanomaterials are made from conductive carbon. Carbon is freely available, as charcoal can be burnt to give carbon. These carbon atoms are used to make the nanomaterials.

They are also looking for other options of making nanomaterials from banana skins, bark of the tree, animal feces and wood scraps.

Hence, the entire process of making the Smart Paper can be done cheaply with the resources available.

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Google Introduce DialogFlow ChatBot Builder

Google Introduce DialogFlow ChatBot Builder

Dialogflow previously known as API.AI, provides the building blocks for any conversational apps.  Developers could use it to create interfaces that were natural and offered a richer experience to their clients when using their apps.

Developers have used conversational apps and hence dialogflow to provide customer service, productivity, commerce, IoT devices and more. One constant demand, is to have it more suitable for enterprises and their applications. So Google is doing just that.

Google is releasing the beta version of dialogflow for enterprises. Not only is this enterprise version going to have all the current capabilities of dialog flow but it is also going to build on these to provide more benefits and to meet the need of a large- scale and growing business.

What Dialogflow Does?

Since Dialogflow is an interface for conversational models, it tries to predict what user’s responses to questions might be and then builds a dialogue model based on these responses. Besides this, it can also extract information from the client that is necessary. Dialogflow takes into account various languages and can also be used across various interactive platforms. With this new version of Dialog flow, users will now be able to inculcate voice commands into their chatbots.

More on what Dialogflow can do for an enterprise…

Dialogflow comes under the preview of Google’s cloud. What this means is that enterprises can avail of Google’s cloud services and updates.It allows an enterprise to customize their chatbots according to their needs, it is not a one size fits all kind of thing. It can be scaled up or down depending on scale of operations. While the previous version of it remains free for now, the enterprise version includes a pay-as-you-go service which offers companies 24/7 service and help.

Users experience with Dialogflow:

A Japanese retailer UNIQLO uses it to integrate a chatbot onto its mobile app. This chat feature on the app allows customers to ask questions about products such as availability of products and more and to get answers in real time. The retailer has reported that 40% of their users use this feature on a weekly basis.

Policy Bazaar, a leading insurance comparison market in India, used Dialog flow to create a chat bot known as PBee. Users can use his chatbot to enquire about various insurance products. The chat has also been used to track top customer requirements and also fulfilling various requests. Policy Bazaar has resulted in 40% sales of auto insurances. It has also recorded a five- fold increase in customers using the chatbot.

The current version of Dialogflow is still free, but the enterprise version may involve some costs in the form of pay as you go voice services. But companies don’t mind spending the extra buck when it comes to 24 /7 services and their customers.

With the new version of Dialogflow, google is also introducing a voice recognition feature. Previously developers had to go to Google cloud speech API in order to access such a service. This move has undoubtedly speeded up the process for many developers.

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Top 5 French SEO Expert You Should Be Following to Stay on Top

Top 5 French SEO Expert You Should Be Following to Stay on Top

If one intends to be really serious and remain on top on SEO strategy they could seek the services of SEO assistance.  Several of them tend to manage their online business successfully assisting others in maintaining high traffic websites. They are the ones with great expertise in the online business.  The principles on website architecture enable to design technologies wherein guidance and expression of issues on some precise varieties are met.  It is the planning as well as designing of the functional, technical and visual components of a website prior to its design, development and deployment. With regards to content marketing, it is another intentional marketing concept which is targeted in developing and distributing valuable, relevant as well as consistent content to draw and maintain distinct audience and eventually lead to profitable action plan.  In website Search Engine Optimization, netlinking is utilised frequently.  The backlinks also known as incoming link is said to be a hypertext link displayed on a web page that tends to come from external website which aims to a page of one’s website.

Conversion Optimization

The netlinking policy comprises of obtaining backlinks from excellent external websites. Frederic Jutant – French SEO expert has the skill in providing the essential support.    In order to develop the sales in your business, SEO tends to play an important role in the digital market scenario. is another joint, community function withthe purpose of creating, maintaining and promoting systems for structural data online on web pages, in email texts and much more.

Another open-source initiative with the aim of enhancing the web is the AMP project which empowers the creation of websites together with ads that tend to be reliably quick, striking as well as performs well across devices and distribution platforms. Substantial prospects for businesses of any magnitude are achieved through conversion optimization wherein scientific method   optimization of websites is done enabling businesses to convert visitors to customers.  The following five French SEOs could be helpful in enabling clients in enhancing their businesses:

  1.   Nicolas Robineau (Studioclick)

Nicolas Robineau is the founder of Studioclick, a speaker at CELSA-Paris Sorbonne, and the webmaster of

  1. Oliver Andrieu (Abondance)

Oliver has dedicated more than 20 years in search engines and SEO conducting various consulting, training, audit as well as project support of many French businesses together with main accounts in optimizing their presence on the internet.

  1. Frederic Jutant (Splendia – Voyage Prive)

With passion for the web, Frédéric Jutant, french SEO expert established a real proficiency in online marketing. SEO Manager at Splendia (Voyage Privé group), Frédéric Jutant is working for SEO industry for now more than 6 years. He is also travel & high-tech blogger and has been speaker at SEO Camp Day and for Webikeo

  1. Kevin Richard (SEObserver)

Founder of SEObserver, tool specialized in analysis of competition; Kevin has been separating data of his tool for two years.  This was done with the intention of attracting stimulating conclusions on the level of SEO.

  1. Walid Gabteni (Light on SEO)

And the fifth of this top is Walid Gabteni, a SEO consultant who has won the Wix SEO contest “SEO Hero” last year. He is specialized in Google visibility, editorial strategy and netlinking.”


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Google Unwrapping New Innovations For Holiday Shopping and Beyond

Unwrapping New Innovations For Holiday Shopping and Beyond

Google Makes Holiday Shopping a lot Easier

With the holidays just around the corner, it is no surprise when you see an increase in purchases. Consumers are looking to gift their near and dear ones. In recent years there has been an increase in online shopping with people looking at reviews and various product categories online. Consumers these days not only want goods at a good deal but they also look for quality in their purchases. Google has taken steps to provide an easier holiday shopping experience for consumers this holiday season.Today’s shoppers do most of their holiday shopping from their mobile phones. A smartphone has become the go to in anyone’s holiday shopping journey. Google has taken initiatives to push physical stores inventory through ads on their search platform.

Holiday shopping and show case ads:

Many consumers looking to gift someone this holiday season, look for items online. Many consumers know exactly what they want to give too. But there are some who still want to browse through various options. Showcase ads is for them. Google now shares various retail stores products online as an ad. So when you search for something or something based on your lifestyle various ads pop up in the search findings to give you an idea of what is out there. This then helps a consumer narrow down their search and makes their holiday shopping easier.

Holiday Shopping for Apparel:

For those shoppers looking for just the right outfit this holiday season, Google has introduced an apparel search page where you can browse various outfits according to their price range, size and many other filters. Google also uses your previous searches to give you a personalized offering.

holiday shopping _2

Holiday Shopping online and offline:

If you’re one of those consumers who never get the time to buy all your gifts early in the season, you don’t have to worry anymore. Google now gives you the option of finding out what is available near you. By asking a simple question of google assistant, you can now know what is available near you and where you can find it. You can now even browse a local shop’s inventory online provided that the shop has its product listing on google.

How Google has increased store visits:

With a number of unboxing videos and videos containing a consumer’s shopping in a store  gaining popularity on the net, Physical stores are now seeing an increase in their sales as a result of this. Consumers not only want to buy the stuff bought by their favorite youtubers but also are made aware of sales taking place in various stores and then visit it in case of sale haul videos.

Google has recently introduced location history as a way of identifying and measuring whether a click on one of their ads has translated into a purchase or not. Google has introduced the above measures in light of the increase in demand for holiday shopping. In the future Google also plans on introducing ads whereby a consumer can get to know of a sale or discounts on products previously searched by them.


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Monitoring CO2: Measuring Volcanic Emissions from Space

Monitoring CO2: Measuring Volcanic Emissions from Space

Measurement of Volcanic Eruption by Monitoring CO2

Volcanic eruption is a severe concern towards the very existence of our planet. NASA has recently figured out that by monitoring CO2 emissions one can figure out the gases which get released into the world because of human and volcanic activities and which are the major green house gases which lead to drastic climate changes.

Before evolution of volcanoes mere signs are delivered. Sometimes water vapour evolves from the crater and then finally volcano begins to come out from the underlying world and touches the Earth’s surface. But when you see gases like carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide coming out, you can expect the volcanic eruption to be imminent. It is an undaunted fact that getting close to volcanic openings can be really fatal. So, it is always preferable to use a machine like remote sensing equipments to figure out the gas which is being evolved from the volcano opening. It is always advisable that the examiners do not go in person to figure out which gas is being evolved to judge the intensity of the volcanic eruption; otherwise it can be life risking. So, remote sensing machines will help to prevent humanitarian destructions while figuring out the emission of a volcano.

Monitoring CO2 is widely used technique, to figure out the gases which cause greenhouse effect. The scientists have developed a kilometer scale through which they can measure the level of emission of CO2. In the recent research, it was found that the data which was received after measuring of CO2 depicts the actual sources of carbon dioxide, i.e. the actual causes of emission of CO2 is found. Due to monitoring of CO2, the reasons of its inflation in the atmosphere are found.

With the increase in the level of CO2, degradation of atmosphere increases. The atmosphere being a protective layer is at threat due to the constant increase in the level of Carbon dioxide. With high-resolution, sensitive space-borne measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide at the kilometer scale has solved this gruesome issue to a huge extent. Through this scale, localised sources of carbon dioxide formation are figured out, which is a big achievement when it comes to saving our planet from degrading.

There are certain rays which get captured in this machine but are impossible to detect with our naked eyes. This ray gets denoted through this scale and helps to figure out the source of the problem, which otherwise would have been left unaddressed and the problem to this serious problem might not have been figured.

Thus, to save our atmosphere from depletion, it is necessary that these sources of carbon dioxide should be kept in check by monitoring CO2. We being the inhabitants of this planet, it is our duty to save our home from such major concerns. Greenhouse effect is also a major issue and since the sources of those gases which adds up to the greenhouse effect is also revealed from this machine, so optimum measures should be taken to at least diminish the consequences.

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