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How To Get The Rainbow Flag Reaction At FaceBook

How To Get The Rainbow Flag Reaction At FaceBook

More than just a “Like”: In the future, Facebook users can react differently to contributions. The expanded Reactions responses will gradually open up Facebook for all.

So far, Facebook users could only press “Like” for contributions from friends and subscribed pages. This was not always the desired and appropriate response. To enable users to react more differently to content, Facebook now offers more emotions: “Love”, “Haha” and “Wow” are available except “sad” and “angry”. A “do not like” does not exist.

Rainbow reactions

How the new “Facebook Reactions”

To post a comment with a response, you have to hold down the favorite button on the smartphone. Then further reactions appear in the form of Emoji. In the desktop version of Facebook, move the mouse pointer over the button until the reactions pop up. Still, the new Emojis are not available for all users. Facebook wants to introduce them gradually worldwide.

Already in September 2015, Facebook had announced the introduction of the complementary interaction possibilities for users. According to its own data, the company has carried out various tests in different countries in order to make a selection of reactions.

The usual Reactions equipment at Facebook includes – in addition to the like – five reactions: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Furious. Now there is a sixth reactions: Pride. A rainbow flag with which Facebook celebrates the LGBTQ community. And so you get them.

The rainbow flag now comes for no reason. The June is considered the Pride month because during this time people around the world celebrate the LGBTQ community. With parades, festivals and parties. And Facebook would like to draw attention to this. Far too often people – like you and me – are discriminated against because of their way of life. And we should stop doing that.

But how do you get them? Quite simply: Go to the LGBTQ @ Facebook page, like you and suppy you have the new reaction. Great!

So: Use the rainbow flag, no matter what post, show your pride and let Facebook become colorful. Since Friday, Facebook has introduced them and the users are looking forward to:

By the way, the colorful flag was “invented” by the activist Gilbert Baker in 1978, who died in March of this year. Since then, it has been a worldwide symbol of the lesbian and gay movement.

More Pride? We have accompanied the probably most recent transgender model in the world on their courageous path. For she is born in the body of a boy, but feels like a girl:

So get your rainbow reactions-like at Facebook

The colorful reactions can be put under any contribution like the other Facebook reactions, ie “anger”, “mourning” or the “thumbs-up”.

The reactions are visible to everyone. However, in order to be able to use the Rainbow-Like, you have to do a little bit of work.

  • First of all you have to liken the Facebook page “LGBTQ @ Facebook”.
  • Now the rainbow-like is released for you and you can use the icon to leave a reaction to a post.
  • You may have to wait a little while the like is available to you.
  • Click on the “Like” button and you can select the flag as an additional reaction.
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Snapchat Spectacles Arrive in UK

Snapchat Spectacles Arrive in UK

The Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat, as we know, started the idea behind timed images as well as videos, slowly integrating other social media platforms to start their own version for people to post stories showing timed images/videos etc. As the app developed over time, newer updates were added including various filters, screenshot notification, replay notifications, personal bit-mojis, introduction of scores as well as other cool features.
Slowly Instagram as well as Facebook has incorporated the idea of stories, allowing people to broadcast to public, clips of their life, which can again be modified.
Snapchat Spectacles _1

More than a social media platform?

Versions of video recording sunglasses called snapchat spectacles have been introduced by the company in UK. Already released in the States, these snapchat spectacles serve the purpose of a recording device as well as specs. Snapchat thus has broadened its horizon and included video recording and cameras in its concept. At the press of a button one can record things in their surrounding and replay it later. Really cool, right?
The Snapchat spectacles might look a little out of place and bulky at first, but they are a great device to own. No hassle of a camera to carry around or a cell phone to capture precious moments, People can now capture images at the click of a button, adding pictures to their memorabilia.
Snapchat has features which are enjoyed by various users, including the famous filters. People create their avatars via the Bitmoji app and link it to Snapchat, making the app more creative and personalized. The Story feature, was the first to introduced by Snapchat, by virtue of which, people can rewind to the most memorable part of the day by replaying the snaps and allowing close friends and family to cherish it too. Now with the help of these awesome Snapchat spectacles, making memories is faster, simpler and easy.

Snapchat Spectacles _2

This snapchat spectacles device is sold by unique vending machines called Snapbots. They come in various colors and is affordable. To record a video, one must long press the button and release. It comes with a charging cable and a case. The snapchat spectacles is released by Snapchat itself, so there is product guarantee as well as excellent feedback too. The snapchat spectacles are in sync with a person’s Snapchat account, so the story gets directly uploaded to the individual’s Snapchat accounts, for their friends to as many times as they want.

The working method of Snapchat Spectacles:

For the device to work, it needs to be fully charged as well as paired to mobile phone via bitmoji app or Snapchat app. If not taking snaps would be unsuccessful. The pairing is easy, and done by Bluetooth pairing method. Once paired, the magic begins. Being cheap is an advantage why every picture crazy individual wants to use it.
The snapchat spectacles device sees a bright future with the advent of better and sleeker spectacles.

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Facebook Wants to Merge ParlAI Systems for a Smarter Chatbot

Facebook Wants to Merge ParlAI Systems for a Smarter Chatbot

Facebook is all set to Bring Together ParlAI Systems with the Chatbot

The world’s widely used the social media platform i.e. Facebook is going through a rapid of features enrichment. Now Facebook has decided to launch a platform which will help in combining the artificial intelligence with the machine learning. This framework has been named ParlAI which will allow researchers to have simple way at building the conversational ParlAI systems.

Now researchers will be able to combine quite a number of different approaches to the machine dialogue. Making intelligent chatbots which doesn’t get stumped with the unexpected questions is extremely easy and fun exercise using this framework. Over the years the chatbots released by Facebook has been criticized for being quite narrow minded as well as can get easily confused by the users’ unexpected questions. Facebook is trying to improve upon the chatbots by making it work with the artificial intelligence.

ParlAI  Greater advantage for the developers

ParlAI has been designed to enable developers at developing highly smart and intuitive chatbots which in the long term will help in reducing the amount of work needed to develop them. This platform has built in support with data sets for more than 20 different natural languages. This platform has been boosted with the question-and-answers examples fetched from the Microsoft and Standard apart from the Facebook.

Future applications of this ParlAI platform

Facebook and a number of other tech firms has stated that development of the ParlAI is great achievement as it will help in paving way for developing highly interactive systems in future with incredible commercial applications. The chatbots built using this platform will be able to perform a wide variety of tasks which weren’t possible for the earlier versions such as ordering products or looking up for some information. Facebook has also brought some of the resources from its upcoming assistant named ‘M’ which is currently being tested by a very specific group of users.

The best thing about this platform is that it is making huge progress in bringing together the machine learning and computer dialogue on a completely different level. It is worth noting that in order to have complete questing and answering system in place one has to being together a number of different components but this new platform makes all of its readily available for the developers. ParlAI will certainly benefit the developers and it will enable them to bring chatbots quite intelligent and intuitive in every manner.

One of the AI expert has stated that this new ParlAI platform isn’t really a breakthrough in itself but it will be act a much needed enabling technology in the upcoming days. He also points out that in the last couple of years tech firms has lost their focus towards developing this kind of platform or system which brings intelligent dialogue between the users and machine. This new ParlAI is making use of the reinforcement learning which works just like the way animals learns through the positive feedback. This will enable them to come up with highly conversational machines with smarter and witty intelligence in future rather the monotonous and machine responses offered by the current generation devices.

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The Best Ways to Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed

The Best Ways to Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed

Declutter Your Facebook News Feed for Efficient Use

In the age of social media, Facebook is an efficient mode of communication as well as a platform for self-expression. It has over a billion users and seems to be constantly buzzing with activity. You possibly have everyone you have known your entire life on your friend list. Ever felt like your news feed has more of what you don’t want to see and less of what you do? Just like our wardrobes, Facebook needs a bit of decluttering too, to give us a better experience. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to customize the content you see on your social media.

Learn to Unfollow

Unfollow friends to keep their posts away from your news feed, without having to unfriend them. They won’t find out. Use the downward arrow on any post on your news feed or go to a friend’s profile to unfollow them.

See Fewer Posts Instead of Unfollowing

Click Hide Post on the top-right of any post on your news feed and Facebook will show less posts by that person in the future.

Prioritize Your Friends According to ‘Close Friends’ or ‘Acquaintances’

Add the friends you care more about to a ‘Close Friends’ list and add others to an ‘Acquaintances’ list to see more posts from your inner circle on your social media.

FaceBook _1

Create Separate Friend Lists

To organize the posts you see create friend lists and you can separately see the updates by friends on that list. Head to the Lists page, click on Create List and add your friends to it.

Send the Posts You Want to See on the Top of Your News Feed

Find the three dots beside the News Feed option and click on Edit Preferences. Select what you want to see on top.

View What’s New

Click on the three dots and select Most Recent instead of Top Stories. Voila! Facebook will show your feed in a chronological order and you won’t have to miss out on a lot of stories.

Avoid Content from Pages or See them Separately

‘Hide All’ from a page and say goodbye to all its posts. To view posts from pages separately, go to Pages and click on Pages Feed.

Adjust or Block Ads

Head to Settings and click on Ads to edit your interests. Your social media usage also affects which ads you see on the rest of the internet. Enable or Disable this option in Ad Settings. Furthermore, you can use ad blockers to block ads and sponsored posts on Facebook.

Use Social Fixer

If you’re still unsatisfied after tweaking the site’s in-built options, you can get the Social Fixer extension for more advanced filtering. Install the extension, open Settings and choose your filters. You can effectively block posts containing certain words. It is great in keeping out spoilers of a new episode of your favorite tv series or political posts you don’t want to see.

Take a Survey

Click on the top-right of any post and select ‘Take a survey to make news feed better’. You will have to rate screenshots based on how much they look like a paid advertisement.

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Facebook Launches Digital Assistant M

no thumb

Digital Assistant M- Messenger users are going to get utmost help

Messenger app of Facebook has already gained much recognition among the users of social media. Chatting with friends, sharing photos or videos and creating groups with particular names- all these things are really exciting to the users. However, now, Facebook wants to add something more with Messanger. Digital assistant M is an artificial intelligence system, launched by the company to give you a different experience. It will start popping up on the online chat platform of Messenger.

Participation of Other Companies With Digital Assistant M –

The announcement on the release of digital assistant M had already been made few years ago. In the year, 2015, Facebook has started testing out this system. Some other tech companies have taken part in the game of creating the assistant, i.e. M, and these include Siri application of Apple, Cortana of Microsoft and Google Now. In addition to it, Amazon also has joined with Echo, one of the voice-enabled IoT apps.

What Will You Get From Digital Assistant M?

Such web-based assistants could transform our way of interacting with devices and our surrounding world. Originally, M may comprise a number of actions with the identifications of a user’s intent-

  • Request or pay cash
  • Send stickers
  • Share location
  • Develop plans
  • Find some ride
  • Start a survey in any group

According to Facebook, the latest assistant, M may also be able to have progress by controlling the personal data and invisible trainer. With the application of artificial intelligence on your data at Facebook, this assistant will enable you in purchasing gifts or booking restaurant tables.

In other words, M as well as the similar digital assistants may work well, only when they recognize you better. Thus, with more exposure of your information to these assistants, you can have the chance of getting higher effectiveness. If you want the system to do its function perfectly, then you have to rely on it.


Some people have a fear that M, connected with Facebook, has a chance of revealing private data of users. In the present age, hacking of data is one of the common threats. That is why many people raise question on whether M would be able to stay loyal to the users. Usually, all reliable corporations are honest, loyal, and discreet. And these principles are the basis of maintaining privacy. Thus, now it is to be seen whether Facebook would be successful to follow all those values.

It is hoped that Facebook will be sincere to everything, collected by M.

Thus, Facebook has made an attempt to offer you the best concierge solution, which works on the platform of Messenger. Some San Francisco users have already tested the digital assistant M. the plan of Facebook is to make a communication among users. It wants to input something from customer care representation so that M may become smarter. So, enjoy the assistant, when you are able to access it.

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