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How to Type Faster on Keyboard: Amazing tips to type faster

How to Type Faster on Keyboard: Amazing tips to type faster

In this digital age, almost all people try out typing quite often as typing has become a necessity. Gone are the days where you used to work manually without machines and computers. But, in this modern age, it’s all about computers and machines. So, typing is a must to increase your productivity and also to get your things done quicker. But most of us do not know how to type faster on keyboard.

Usually, typing faster can enable you to keep your brain sharp, and the best part is you’ll also get some good & fresh ideas as well because of your brain activity.

Generally speaking, typing is much fun when you get used to it. But, it’s a demon when you are new to typing. If you are a writer means you’ll love typing your ideas on your computer as it’s the best thing to store your creative thoughts.

Are you able to type faster to make your work faster than you usually do? Do you want to be more productive by learning how to type faster?

In that case, you’ll learn about how to type faster on keyboard in this particular post. I’ll cover how to type faster on keyboard by providing some helpful tips and techniques.

Let’s get started with How to Type faster on keyboard tips.

Type faster on keyboard tips

How to Type Faster on keyboard: 10 Amazing Tips and techniques to Type Faster

As you’re striving to know how to type faster on keyboard, these 10 Amazing tips and techniques will help you type faster. Follow these simple hacks and improve your typing speed to increase your productivity in 2020.

How to Type Faster on Keyboard Tip 1- Make your workspace and Typing Area Neat and Tidy

Making your workspace clean and tidy can help you focus on your typing. This simple hack can definitely help you to type faster. Usually, lots of people don’t believe this statement, as they believe fast typing comes when they master the keyboard.

But, the real truth is you will have to start it by making your workspace neat and tidy. Along with that, your workspace should have enough ventilation, and it should be comfortable with making you relax.

At that time, your typing speed will improve. Apart from that, for fast typing, you have to get a computer table or working table to increase your typing. Avoid using a laptop or tablet on your lap as this decreases your typing speed.

How to Type Faster on Keyboard Tip 2- Always Get Rid of Bad Typing Habits:

It’s quite apparent that a person can’t get rid of their bad typing habits at once. But, he/she can do it while they start leaving their bad habits by inculcating Good habits. Most of the people are probably using the same old typing methods since they started using the keywords.

If you are a game who loves to play games, then your fingers will be on WASD Keys, or you’ll most use arrow keys. They will get used to those keys, and they will use only two or three fingers to play them.

Later on, it will be harder for them to use all fingers for typing as they got used to it. Some people type with only two fingers or three fingers, some might hover over ten keys and leave the others. If you’re one of them then, stop that way right now. Just practice to use all the fingers to type; at the start, it’ll be harder for you, but you can break that habit in the process.

How to Type Faster Tip 3- Always fix your posture while typing:-

If you’re striving to type faster, then you should have a correct position. The proper seating posture will help you type more quickly. The perfect pose for typing is “Keep your back straight and keep your legs planted a little apart and flat on the ground in your sitting position.

Make Sure; your wrists are postured in a way that your fingers can cover all the keyboard. Ensure your head is comfortable, you can tilt it a bit so that you can see the screen properly.

You can adjust your chair so that you’ll be able to get a perfect posture to type. In case your chair is uncomfortable for seating, then you should replace it to increase your typing speed.

How to Type Faster on Keyboard Tip 4- Properly hold your posture:

It’s always vital to maintain your position while typing. This can help you type faster, this is, in fact, the best typing tips from expert typers as well. When you ensure your posture is right, you can avoid getting aches on your wrists.

Usually, aches can slow you down and keep you out of your rhythm very soon. So, avoid getting pains on your wrists and keep your back & Shoulders from hunching, make sure to sit up straight. Because of following these steps you’ll be relaxed. This can accomplish your goal to work faster by typing faster.

How to Type Faster Tip 5- Accustom yourself with the keyboard:

As you are striving to learn how to type faster on keyboard? The prime set you have to do is accustom yourself to the keyboard. You have to adapt the keyboard in such a way that you can use it to type faster. The best thing for you is most of the modern-day keyboards are with the same layout.

So, you don’t have to worry about that. The QWERTY layout keyboard is a regular keyboard.

Work on reminding all the keyword positions because this can help you type faster. Most of the people just memorize Alphabets, numbers and leave the punctuation marks. But, those are vital for fast typing as well. You have to understand everything where they are without looking at the keyboard properly.

How to Type Faster tip 6- Remind Keyboard Keys by closing your eyes:

Most people think this as waste or childish point. But, it works perfectly, so you have to try it out. Whenever you close your eyes and remind all the keyboard keys. Try out saying them loud by pressing them; this can help you know the touch.

Type faster on keyboard tips

Simply, touch a letter or number and pronounce that key as you touch them and see if you said it right or not. If you said it right, then you are good to go with typing. In case you didn’t know, it means you have to re memorize the keyboard again.

How to Type Faster tip 7- Start Touch typing slowly:

To enhance your typing speed, you need to develop that skill. At the start, no one can master typing as you should get accustomed to it. By slowly touch-typing the keyboard, you can become a high-speed typist.

This touch typing is one of the quickest ways to master typing. If this type of typing is the first time means you have to spend a bit more time on it to learn. Then slowly, you will pick up the speed. If you can remember keys and touch them without seeing the keyboard, you can definitely increase your typing speed.

At the start, this typing method might seem like a demon to you, but you can improve as time progresses.

How to Type Faster on Keyboard tip 8- Stick with Typing and Don’t look at your hands:

You have to follow this step as its the essence to make you type faster. If you can stick with typing by not seeing your hands means you can master typing. As you can improve your fingers movement and learn how the keys work.

At the start, you might find it harder, but it will increase your speed. Stick to it and see the results when you master the art of typing. You can reach high typing speeds with this step.

How to Type Faster tip 9- Use All 10 Fingers to Type Faster:

Most people never use 10 fingers to type, that’s why their typing speed will be on the lower side. If you want to type faster, you have to use all ten fingers.

Generally, if you take a look at your keyboard, you will be noticing a raised keys in form of  “F key” and J key. This is to help you find the correct placement.

So, it’s always best to rest your index fingers on F and J keys. Because of that, other fingers will automatically fall into the perfect placements. Use your little finger to control the punctuation, navigation and function keys.

In case, if you’re confused in getting my words you can check sites like Typing web and typing club to take lots of typing suggestions with videos and screenshots. The typing programs found on these websites help you type faster.

How to Type Faster tip 10- Practice until you succeed:

There is a say, that practice makes a man perfect. Follow that to master the touch typing technique, in case if you are uncomfortable with that technique you can use other techniques by using your 10 fingers.

Although mastering touch typing technique will prove to be a finicky aspect but once you get in touch with it you will not leave that.

Practice it daily until you get both speed and accuracy as well. With continuous efforts, you can improve your type of speed.

How to Type Faster tip 11- Practice Dictation: 

  • Generally, if you don’t know what to type you I’ll certainly be blank. If you’ll be a blank minded means you I’ll lose your typing practice. So it’s best to practice dictation while typing by listening to others. This improves your speed and accuracy as well.

You can even get a book or other talk show and type the word’s you listen to improve your typing speed.

Monitor your typing progress: 

As you are striving to type faster, you should monitor your typing progress so that you will be motivated to work more.

It is always important that you don’t get your result in a negative way, as at the start you’ll be like that. Slowly you can improve and Master typing skill. You can even check how many words you are typing for a minute and up the count by gradually improving the numbers.

Get training if you need to Know How to Type Faster on Keyboard:

If you want to get trained by a professional institute then you can enroll in any typing course but mostly it won’t be required because there are hell a lot of online typing tools.


This is all about, how to type faster on keyboard post. With these tips and techniques you can type faster. After reading this article you can go and start practicing typing.

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Google Pixel 4 Vs iPhone 11- Which is the better Phone?

Google Pixel 4 Vs iPhone 11- Which is the better Phone?

Most phone companies these days try to copy what the other has done and also add something of their own to differentiate their offering from the rest. That’s what’s happened here too. The Pixel line up was started to give Google a boost into the mobile market. So they decided to do precisely what the competition was doing. Here the competition is Apple. Since then, Google has made its own tweaks and come up with a phone of its own: Pixel. Let us drill down Google Pixel 4 Vs iPhone 11.

Dig the Pixel 4 Design or iPhone 11’s in Google Pixel 4 Vs iPhone 11:

The iPhone 11 had taken the almost bezels less route when it came to its display. The only significant part of its bezel came in the form of a notch sitting at the top of the screen. Still, no one minded it; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

As for Google Pixel 4, you get again the same almost bezel-less display with a large part of it taking up real estate at the top of the screen. This houses the Solei radar sensor to see your hand gestures.

Coming to the rear of both phones- they both look similar. With the Google Pixel 4, Google has opted-in for a dual camera set up that comes in a square format, much like what Apple has done.

The color options vary with Apple’s iPhone 11 being available in white, black, green, yellow, purple, and red. Google Pixel 4 comes in the boring options of white, black, and the – not – so – boring – orange choice.

Winner for this round goes to Apple iPhone 11.

The screen in the battle between Google Pixel 4 Vs iPhone 11:

iPhone 11’s display is more prominent but with less resolution and Pixel 4 has a smaller screen with a sharper resolution.

Talk of the display, and you come to refresh rates with the Pixel 4 having a 90Hz refresh rate and the iPhone having the standard 60Hz.

Overall the viewing experience feels better in Pixel 4. Now we’re even.

Pixel 4 Vs iPhone 11

Dual Camera Set Up on Both Phones:

Zoom out with iPhone 11’s ultra-wide camera and zoom in with Pixel 4’s telephoto lens. These are in addition to the main camera on both phones.

Both phones allow you to take excellent photographs. The both have some iteration of taking shots of the night sky. Both phones also have accompanied photography software to make your photos look even more incredible.

Again it’s a tie in Google Pixel 4 Vs iPhone 11.

Now to the Hardcore Stuff- Performance in this Battle between Google Pixel 4 Vs iPhone 11:

Ok, it’s a clear hand down to Apple in this round. The iPhone 11 houses Apple’s very own A13 Bionic chip. This chip simply beats the competition with its sheer power. Gaming is excellent, Apps run smoothly, no lag, it’s merely exceptional.

When it comes to the Google Pixel 4; the phone houses one of the best chipsets seen in Android so far- a Snapdragon 855.

In the end, it is Apple’s iPhone 11 that takes the top spot in the competition Google Pixel 4 Vs iPhone 11.

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Add Video to Google Slides to Entertain Your Audience

Add Videos to Google Slides to Entertain Your Audience

A video always makes for a more powerful presentation. It provides a required break in the normal flow of a presentation and generally makes thigs more entertaining. Hence many powerful presenters opt for a video to make their presentations more dynamic. So how do you hold your audience’s attention? We’re here to tell you how to add video to Google Slides. There’s always the option of pausing the video mid-stride and looking for the video elsewhere. This is not a good option if you catch my drift. Plus it won’t make you look good too. So the easiest way then is to place it in the slides itself. Believe me; it’s easy enough to do so too.

If you’re presentation is unusually long, and you don’t want to lose your audience mid- way then the best option is an aptly placed video. In this article, we’ll be showing you just how you can do that.

There are options when you place your video to your Google Slides. You can have it play automatically as soon as the slide comes up and even stop it at certain intervals if you’d like to add a point or two. So without further ado, sit back and relax as we take you through the steps involved in adding video to your Google Slides.

Add video to Google Slides:

YouTube has become a library, of sorts, for videos. So it’s more likely that you’ll find that you need a video or two from there. This then becomes easy. Most of the legal work already done for you. It becomes a simple, emphasis on the simple, case of adding video to your Google Slides and Presto! You’re done.

You can even tweak it a bit to make it more to your liking. Here’s how you can add videos to your Google Slides using YouTube…

The first step requires you to go to the slide you wish to place the video in and select insert. Once there choose the option of video.

On the other side, go on to YouTube and look for the video you want. Once you’ve selected the one that best matches your presentation, double click the video or press “select” at the bottom of it to get it into your slide.

If you already happen to know which video you want by URL. Just select the option of placing the video by URL. Copy and paste the URL into the given area, and you’re done. In case you don’t know where the URL is- it is present in the top bar of the web page.


Have your own Video? No Worries follow these Simple steps to add video to your Google Slides:

The roundabout route involves uploading the video to YouTube and following the steps mentioned above. If that’s not your thing, which for most isn’t, then keep on reading…

The other step involves uploading the video first and then letting Google Slides know where you’ve uploaded it to. Since Google Drive and Google Slides are connected, thankfully at that, you can first upload your presentation to Google Drive first and then begin. To upload the video onto Google Drive, follow the following steps….

Click the new button in Google Drive. Then click the file upload button. Or you can always go the drag and drop way.  Once this is done, go on back to Google slides and press insert, then followed by video. Choose Google Drive at the top of the options list. Once this is done, you’ll see all the videos present in Google Drive.  Just select the one you want by double-clicking and your video will be in your slides. It may, however, take some time to get there. But in the end, get there it does.

Cases where you’ve received the File from Someone:

In cases where you’ve received a file from someone else instead of choosing the drive option in the insert, choose the shared with me tab. Then it’s pretty much the same from there.

Getting your Video Slide ready:

If you just place the video in the presentation as – is then you’ll have to manually play the video when the slide comes up. And if that’s alright with you, then you’re done. If not then continue reading on further…

However, there are still some points that can make your presentation a little more put together. Right-click on the video that you’ve placed on your slide to get to video options. You’ll then see a bar on the right that will have several options. This first option has a start and ends time if you’re not keen on playing the entire video. This allows you to play a video say from the middle to somewhere to the end if that is most appropriate to your presentation.

The second option is to press autoplay. This will make the presentation play as soon as you get to the slide. This is so that you don’t have to manually press “play” on the video when the slide comes up and break the flow of your presentation.

The other option is to mute the audio so that you can provide the voice over instead.

Once all the options are selected, you may want to play the video again to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Be Smart While add video to your Google Slides:

Now, since you know how to add videos to your presentation, you’ll look smarter while doing it. Not only that, it adds a particular pizzaz to your presentation skills. Your audience will be noticeably intrigued by your work.

You now know how to place any video into your Google Slides presentation, be it form YouTube or your own. Besides this, you also have learned how to tweak your video a bit to make it just right for your presentation. Hope you find these tips to add video to Google Slides useful and here’s to happy presenting!! Cheers!

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Best Laptops of 2019 Buying Advice

Best Laptops of 2019 Buying Advice

Whether you need a laptop for gaming, for work or just like that, this list is bound to have a recommendation suiting your needs. Besides that,we also have laptops to suit every need, so that at the end of your purchase you can say that you have got a value for money best laptops 2019. From ultra- thin laptops to convertibles to Chromebooks, whatever you’re in the house for and is good will feature on this list, so stay tuned.

So without further ado here’s the list of best laptops 2019 that you can get your hands on.

Starting of this list of best laptops 2019 with Dell XPS 13:

This 13 inch sized screen knows how to pack a punch. No wonder it’s one of our top laptops for 2019. This laptop has been blowing our minds for years now and by 2019 it has just gotten better. Add gorgeous design, light weight body, powerful hardware and you’ve got yourself a winner.

As for the hardware, this laptop has Intel 8th gen i5 or i7 as per your choice and a bezel less infinity edge display. Plus this laptop also brings to the table a lot of customization options allowing you to tailor the laptop according to your needs. The 2019 model may not have many improvements over and above the last model but then again it doesn’t have that much to improve on in the first place. All that has changed is the placement of the webcam from the bottom to the top based on popular demand and a longer battery life. Still worth a buy if you ask me.

Value For Money with Huawei MateBook 13:

Huawei’s MateBook 13 is one laptop that you won’t want to give a miss. This laptop comes with the latest components a laptop can possibly have. This includes aNvidia MX150 graphics card, a lightweight design which normally you would expect to see in a premium laptop.

As for value for money, it does not really get any better than this. This laptop packs in all the latest and greatest while keeping the price low. Yeah sure you have some of the frills missing but in the end this laptop proves to be one of the best laptops 2019.

If you’re still looking for some frills, by way of Thunderbolt 3 ports and a 4K display, then the Dell XPS 13 or Apple’s MacBook Pro may be better options.

If you’re concerned about the recent US blacklist and whether or not Huawei would get updates from Windows, then rest assured, Windows has said that they would support the tech company. That means if you decide to buy this laptop or any Huawei laptop for that matter, you’ll still get the all- important Windows 10 updates.

Plus with all the uncertainty going around you may even be able to get this laptop at slashed prices.

HP Spectre x360 as one of the best laptops 2019 to get your hands on:

HP Spectre and its line of laptops has always been on our impressive list. So when we say that the 2019 Spectre x360 is on another level, we aren’t kidding.

This is one of the best laptops in existence today. What with its sleek profile and gorgeous design, powerful Intel Whiskey Lake processors and a long battery life, no wonder this laptop is on our list of best laptops 2019. The convertible option too is not bad.

Apple MacBook pro- the 15 inch, 2019 version, if you’re wondering:

I have said it and will say it again, can any best gadget list be complete without an Apple on it. The 15 inch model that Apple has made is, we have to say, the most powerful MacBook ever made by the company. Why you say, the combination of an Intel 6 and 8 core processors with a slim – to – die – for – body is what makes this laptop, the perfect buy.

Yeah we know this is an expensive buy, but if you have the budget it may be a really good investment decision. If you’re not an Apple die hard then there’s always some good Windows options out there such as the Dell XPS 13 or the wondrous MateBook X Pro.

Aleinware Area 51m as one of the best laptops 2019:

Not to give anyone ides on storming area 51, but this is one laptop that deserves a mention. If you’re a gamer then you know how great a gaming laptop Alienware makes. Besides its hardcore design and sturdy build, this laptop also combines the best gaming components a laptop can have on this planet.

Talking about components, this laptop has the very best- 9th gen Intel core processors and Nvidia’s latest RTX range of GPUs. Yes we know that it is a more expensive buy, but if you’re in the house for a good gaming laptop, then it does not really get any better than this.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2:

This is another good option to lay your hands on. While it may not be a big improvement on the earlier Surface Laptop, it still offers some good improvements like updated hardware which translates to improved performance. This laptop is what Microsoft promised to do: a good and powerful Windows 10 experience in a laptop. If you don’t get the whole convertible option, then this laptop is the one for you. It combines sturdy build with a quality framework to give you one of the best laptops 2019.

Dell XPS 15 2 in 1:

Last year’s 15 inch Dell was a great buy, this year’s model has proved to be an even greater buy. Dell has taken the amazing design it had with the Dell XPS 13 and upgraded it to its 15 inch version. Besides that it also made this laptop a convertible. Forget design for a second and look at the Intel Kaby Lake G series processor sitting inside this laptop and in no time you’ll be drooling all over it.


These are some of the laptops mentioned on this list that will surely match all budgets and all needs.

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10 Best Android Features You Will Never Find in Your iPhone

10 Best Android Features You Will Never Find in Your iPhone

In this modern world, people love to use mobile phones. It may be a costly iPhone or an Android phone people just love to use them to make their work easier. In this process, lots of people love to use the iPhone a lot. But do you know that Android has some cool features and you will never find those Best Android Features in your expensive and costly iPhone.

If you are interested to learn about the 10 best android features you will never find in your iPhone? then do check out this post. As I have covered the 10 special features below.

Most of the people might say the iPhone is better than Android phones. But the fact is the iPhone is never better than Android devices. Although the iPhone may be expensive than Android devices but it doesn’t have the “X” factor to say it as a better device.

Here my intention was not to tell the IOS is worst or not to encourage trolls but i’m saying it as an educational purpose. As most of us love to use IOS but everyone can’t afford it. Anyways when it comes to features Android can be better than IOS. that’s why we’re trying to explain these features so that people might take that into consideration.

So what are we still waiting for? Let’s dive into the cool features of Android which are not yet functional in iPhone. In this article, I am considering the IOS 12 and Android pie versions.

Let’s get into the 10 best android features which you will never find in your costly iphone even after the IOS 12 update.

10 Best Android Features you will never find in your iphone:

In this list you’ll find out all the 10 best android features you will never find in your iPhone. To make this list more compelling i have included some key information which you can see below.

  1. Helpful Always On-Display Feature at a glance:

When it comes to the iPhone you’ll never find out the Always-on display feature. In Android, if you are using OLED Display, then you can find out this cool always-on display feature. This is a helpful feature where you don’t have to touch your phone all the time on its display.

Apart from the Alway On-Display helps you to show all the notifications, time, date, battery life and a bunch of other things as well.

So, this is a useful feature for Android. Even though iPhone has launched its OLED display with its iPhone X version. But still we don’t find this type of feature exists in the iPhone IOS 12 version. Maybe we might see in other versions of iPhone or at least let’s hope so we can see in the latest updates.

  1. Best Android Features: Create Multiple Users and Guest Access Accounts:

Android Devices are easier to pretty much easier to use. You can handover your android device to the newer persons and they can sign in the device as well. Where else in iPhone you’ll not find that functionality.

The best part of this people can sign in without messing the primary account on the phone. That’s the great point of the android devices. If you want to hand over your phone to other users without sharing your personal information. Then, you can simply switch your android phone to the guest mode. So, they can never find out your personal information.

If you are keen to hand over your iPhone to someone means you have to hand it over as it is. Although people often say the phone is just designed for a single user. But most of you might know that people may ask for your phone frequently at least for some basic operations.

In those cases, the iPhone will definitely miss this cool feature. If the iPhone brings this functionality to the newer versions means it will be useful.

  1. Google’s Instant Apps Feature:

Google has added a quite useful feature to its Android that is nothing but its Instant App feature. This special feature lets you use an app without downloading it on your phone. You can find this special app on the play store and just open the app that’s it. This app allows you to jump to the activity within the app which you haven’t installed yet by simply clicking on the URL.

This feature is missing in the Iphone and I can say most of the users will miss this special feature on the iPhone. Mostly Google might get this to the iPhone sooner in its new versions. This feature isn’t yet available for all the apps still in android as well. So, you might expect that soon.

  1. Night Mode Camera, One of the Best Android Features:

The night camera mode is one of the popular features in the latest Android versions. This feature helps you to take splendid images in low light. So, Iphone is lagging behind in the camera department especially with its night mode. Most of the present day, android phones like One Plus, Google Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo are fitted with some kind of night modes. These are specially designed to improve low light photos.

Although present Apple iPhone does good with low light photos. But still, I feel this amazing night mode is missing in the iPhone. Maybe we can expect that in future releases. This is a cool feature that’s why i have included it on this 10 best android features you will never find in your iPhone post.

  1. Default Apps:

In the android interface,” you can set default apps as per your choice”.  For suppose, if you have downloaded a browser on Android. Then you can set it as your default choice browser to open all your links. Similarly, you can also choose the default keyboard, home screen, phone app, messaging app, digital assistant and so on. This feature is absolutely free and it fits perfectly.

Where else in IOS, you will get what you have got as the default apps. You can never set the other browsers and the default browser and same goes with the keyboard and other useful apps as well.

In android, you can even change the default virtual assistant app as well. If you are bored of default apps then you can quickly change them with your desired apps. In the iPhone, there is no option to change default apps. Maybe we might expect this type of feature in the near future.

  1. Meaningful Home Screen Customization Options:

If you love to customize your home screen? then the android device is the better choice for you. In IOS, you can only make a few customizations such as move icons around and can group them into different folders.

But overall it’s not that useful as it because in android you can not only group icons but also you can redesign them along with the home screen. You can even add different and meaningful widgets and other information where you really need it.

Now, in android to make you more comfortable with the customization you can find hell lot of third-party Android launchers readily available in the play store. Where else in iPhone you really can’t find those many options as the Android. Simply Android devices have endless customization options. This is a cool feature that’s why i have included it on this 10 best android features you will never find in your iPhone post.

  1. Close all the apps at a time:

Almost all smartphone users use tons of apps on their smartphones every day. Whether it’s IOS or Android we all use a hell lot of apps on a regular basis. In android, there is a useful feature which lets you close all your apps seamlessly with ease.

Whereas in IOS it’s going to take a lot of time and you can close all the apps at once in IOS. So this is one of the cool features for android users which satisfy their needs whenever they want to close all apps.

  1. Add widgets on Home screen:

In general, widgets option exists on the IOS but it has less features than Android. In android users will have more freedom and they can pin your widgets anywhere they like on their home screen. Whereas, in your iOS, you really can’t keep the widgets where you like on a single screen.

Usually, some people love to arrange widgets as their wish and if you are an iPhone users then you will not have that facility. Whereas in Android you can do what you want without limitations.

  1. Best Android Features: Split Screen Feature

Although this split-screen feature is there on the Apple devices but it’s limited to the ipads only. In iPhone, you will not get that feature. Generally, the iPhone screen is smaller and it won’t work well when the screen splits so it may not be having that feature. Anyhow android is having that feature so we have to tell that in this list.

In Android, split-screen is a pretty cool feature maybe it should come for iPhone Xs Max because it is having bigger screen resolution than other iPhones.

  1. Support for USB Devices , One of the Best Android Features:

In older versions of iPhone its not supported for USB Devices. As an iPhone user, most of you might know about that. If you plug in an iPhone device to your computer you can just get access to the camera content that’s it. Whereas in android devices you can walk through the local storage and its folders.

This same thing applies to the file managers as well. When you install a file manager on your device in android you will get every detail. but in IOS it comes with one box and its limited to showing only the recent files which you have accessed.

But in Android, you can simply copy, move, cut and delete files as you wish just like the computer. This is extremely useful for external drives, on iOS, each drive requires its own app for file management where else in Android you have to simply plug the drive into the phone and use it. that’s it.

So, this is disappointing for a lot of users. Although there is good news for iOS users as this feature is coming in the latest IOS 13 version. But as we’re speaking about the IOS12 so I have listed this feature.

This is all about the 10 best android features you will never find in your iphone. Although some of the features like USB Support and split screen are soon launching on the new iphone version but presently there are out of those features. So I have included them on this of 10 best android features you will never find in your iphone.

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How to get the best mobile phone deal and save money

How to get the best mobile phone deal and save money

In this modern world, people always strive to save some money on their expenses. If you are one of them who is striving to save money by selecting the best mobile phone deals or contract? Then don’t worry you will learn about in this special Guide.

Usually, there are lots of mobile networks to choose in the UK these days. It is always hard to know if you are really getting the best deal but in this article, I’ll make sure you do choose the best phone deal.

But before that, let’s check out why it’s important to choose the best mobile phone deals.

Why it’s important to choose the best mobile phone deal?

Real-Life Scenario: Generally, people just visit a store and compare a few plans and buy the phone on contract but in this case, there are not saving enough money. But they pretend that they have saved some money by the words of the marketer. In reality, they are getting the deal for more price, so there aren’t saving money.

Usually, choosing the right mobile deal is a daunting task for anyone, especially if you’re trying to get a new handset with the SIM.

We all know that earning money is harder so let’s save some by following some key points in this post. By picking the best contract you’ll not only save money on the phone but also you can save money on your calls, text, and data as well. This can save your earnings in the long run and can save a bit of money for you which you can spend on other expenses.

Now, we have checked out the real life scenario and why it’s important to save money. Lets compare which is the best phone deal on mobiles at the moment.

Best deal on mobiles at the moment:

Usually, there are many different elements to consider when you check out which is the best deal. It’s hard to find out where to start but finding the right contractor to suit your needs can save your at least £50 a month.

Mostly the best deal depends on the handset you choose. At present, the best deal is on Google Pixel 3 Xl 64GB from ID mobile

Here in this plan you can get free EU Roaming and get 500MB data, with 150 minutes of calls and unlimited texts. You’re getting this just for  £3.99 per month.

If you’re curious to take APPLE iPhone x then the virgin media is having a great deal for you.

You can Apple iPhone and 300MB data, 300 minutes and unlimited text for just 6.00 per month. The upfront cost will be around  £779.

Best Mobile Phone Deals Provides:

In general there are lots of companies which providers best deals on mobile phones in UK. But the main companies we love to take deals from is ID Mobile, Virgin Media, EE, Sky mobile, BT and O2. By comparing the best deals on the popular sites like cable you can even get more information.

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Samsung Galaxy A80: For the Era of Live

Samsung Galaxy A80: For the Era of Live

The “Era of live” starts from July or in other words you can get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy A80 starting from, well, today. This time around you get newer tech with more secure platforms. To be more exact, Samsung’s first rotating camera in a phone and a new immersive Infinity display.

Firstly what’s “Era of Live”?

Era of live according to Samsung is a time when digital natives, or you and me tech savvy people, are capturing the moment in digital terms. It doesn’t just stop there either, you share and connect too. Samsung Galaxy A80 helps in achieving this era. With its updated performance and new camera,it caters to that “always on” lifestyle that we seem to have going on.

New Triple Camera on the Samsung Galaxy A80:

This is a first for Samsung’s Galaxy Line up- A new Triple Camera. You get the same high quality lens sitting in the front and the back of the phone. Seemingly you can also take video continuously, no matter whether the subject matter of your interests is in the front or the back of the camera.

Memories of your day trips as well as your nightly excursions can be captured in all its vividness using the 48MP main camera on the Galaxy phone. What you see, the phone see’s or in other words with Samsung Galaxy A80’s Ultra Wide Lens or 123 degree viewing angle all you see is your phone’s see too, Kind of.

That’s not all either, with the Samsung Galaxy A80 you even get a 3D Depth camera. This will allow you to take more in- depth videos. Just like in the movies. The Samsung Galaxy A80 has features such as Live Focus Video Mode and Super Steady Video Mode that presumably allows you to take footage like a pro, without all the bumps and all.

The Display on the Samsung Galaxy A80:

In a thing for firsts, the new Samsung Galaxy A80 also has got the first infinity display. The edge to edge 6.7inch FHD+ super AMOLED display is a thing of beauty. For a fully immersive experience, the 20:9 display ratio is something to consider. Add to that Dolby Atmos and you’ve got yourself a new viewing experience. One that I assure you, you will not forget.

Bringing Fort Knox to the Phone:

Samsung Galaxy A80 now comes with Samsung’s own Samsung Knox security. This security will protect your phone from software to chipset. Bring along with it Samsung’s Pass to securely access apps and websites and you’ve got a very secure phone.

As for performance, the performance enhancer ensures that things run fast and smoothly without you missing a beat. Now with AI- powered performance optimization, the CPU, RAM and all that it needs for an efficient running all work together to give you optimum performance based off of your everyday work.

Your Pick of the Colours in Choosing Samsung Galaxy A80:

You can choose from Angel Gold, Phantom Black and Ghost White options. The Angel Gold and Ghost White options have a hint of pink and blue hues to go along with it.

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Best Gaming Monitors 2019

Best Gaming Monitors 2019

What makes a gaming monitor the best? To answer that question, you have to see what you’re looking to get out of it. This mostly will depend on the games you’re into. There are thousands if not more gaming monitors out there. To really get the best out of a gaming monitor as mentioned earlier, it all depends on the games you’re playing. Many different games have different worlds and different playing environments, however to take it to the next level you need to get the best gaming monitor you can get your hands on. With so many options and so many features, it’s hard to choose the right gaming monitor for you. But no worries, we’ve got you. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the best gaming monitors 2019 out there.

BenQ EX3501R as one of the best gaming monitors 2019:

Best Gaming Monitors 2019HDR has been something that is seen a lot on TVs, not so much on gaming though. But this one stands out of the norm. It takes HDR to a whole new level. This gaming monitor takes gaming to a whole new level, combining HDR with a curved ultra- wide screen. This is not only something that you should aim for in a gaming monitor but also something that is great to look at too. BenQ has pegged this monitor as great for watching videos, but the moment you launch your best HDR enabled games you’ll see why it is one of our best gaming monitors 2019.

Alienware AW3418DW:

Alienware AW3418DWThis gaming monitor will take your gaming to the next level. It is one of the few gaming monitors that has a 21:9 aspect ratio and a high refresh rate to go with it. It comes with a 3440×1440 resolution and lightening fast response times with a speedy 120Hz refresh rate. All this makes this gaming monitor one of the most sought after and best gaming monitors 2019. But mind you all this comes at a steep price. So, it may not be the best one for a budget friendly gamer.

AOC Agon AG352UCG6 Black Edition as one of the best gaming monitors 2019:

AOC Agon AG352UCG6 Black EditionThe not-black- edition of this monitor was a great gaming monitor all on its own. But then came along the black edition with higher refresh rates and better contrast to boot. This time the black edition takes what was best in the previous one and turns that up by 12 times. Its stunning extra wide display makes gaming on it an absolute treat. Yeah, yeah all this comes at a huge price tag but if you have what it takes, then you’d being doing yourself no favours by not buying it.

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ:

Best Gaming Monitors 2019 Asus ROG Swift PG27UQHere is another one for those with a loose string on their money bag. Yes, it costs a lot and yes you won’t be disappointed. That maybe an understatement. You’ll be ecstatic to have this gaming monitor as one of your gaming tools. This gaming monitor is every gamer’s dream. It displays a stunning 4K ultra HD display as well as HDR. It also comes with G- Sync and blow your mind away 144Hz refresh rate. Combine all this in one gaming monitor and you have something that will totally amaze you. The only thing that holds this one back from reaching immense heights is its crazy price tag.

BenQ PD3200U as one of the best gaming monitors 2019:

BenQ PD3200UThis one was initially for CAD professionals but since then it has been increasingly used for gaming and why not too. It’s solid focus on graphics and 4K display is what makes this one fit into our list of best gaming monitors 2019. It’s focus on graphics means that it gives you the best when it comes to viewing angles. Plus, you won’t have to mess around with the settings to get the best out of it. Each of these gaming monitors has been individually calibrated to give the best picture quality. Although, it wasn’t initially meant for gaming it still is one of the best gaming monitors out there.

Acer Predator X27:

Best Gaming Monitors 2019 Acer Predator X27For those who have a generous budget, this one is for you. This is the absolute best that money can buy. The list of ingredients in this one is long and great making for a superb dish. 4K resolution, HDR- 10 sync, G-sync, 144Hz refresh rate and much more. It might just be the best of the best gaming monitors 2019 out there. Take a look at it in person and the next thing you know it’ll be in your cart. This one is just hard to pass up.

BenQ Zowie XL2540 as one of the best gaming monitors 2019:

BenQ Zowie XL2540It may not have flashing light effects but what it does not have in light effects it more than compensates for in 240Hz worth of refresh rate. Add to that 1ms of response time and you’ve got yourself a winner. Well it may not come with adaptive sync options but if you have that hardware to go with it then this one will take you a long way. This monitor comes with many visual presets, curtesy of BenQ, which you can access via an “S Switch” control pod. You can even tweak the light screens from there. If you’re a professional gamer then this one begs for a serious consideration.

Samsung CHG90 QLED:

Samsung CHG90 QLED Best Gaming Monitors 2019Samsung brings what they do best in TVs to gaming monitors in the form of QLED. But even with QLED the best boast is in the form of the widest ultra- wide monitor that you can lay your hands on. Coming in at a massive 49.5 inches, it may take up a lot of space but with these kinda of specs anything is ok. With 3840x 1080 resolution and HDR display you’ll just be blown away with the screen. If not for gaming you can still use this gaming monitor to watch Netflix on or browse the net. But this one is likely to be a very expensive Netflix watching option.

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Motorola’s Moto G7 Lineup

Motorola’s Moto G7 Lineup

These days to get a pretty good phone you have to be ready to shell out a pretty penny. It’s simple: you want more you pay more. So how does someone beat that philosophy and get a good phone for a fraction the price of others out there? They set their sights on Moto G7. Moto’s G7 lineup  brings you more and then some for a third of the price when compared to iPhones or a top end Samsung Phone.

The most important thing is that Motorola has married amazing top end features with a small price tag. The Moto G phones that were the predecessors to the Moto G lineup was meant to give you everything but again at a lower price. With its successor you get all that and much more. To know more about Moto G7 keep on reading.

There are phones out there that have done pretty well for themselves like the Samsung Galaxy S10. But while they are still selling they had to become more luxurious as they had to compete with the Moto G series.

Then came along Moto G6 that again had everything going on for it, except the camera and stuttering menu. This time around three Moto phones are set to be launched in 2019- the Moto G7, Moto G7 Power and Moto G7 Play.

Getting into the Specifics with the Moto G7 Lineup:

The whole idea behind Moto G7 Power is that you can get 2 days of battery life with a single charge. The Moto G7 Play on the other hand is your more affordable option from the three. These phones are impressive to say the least. It’s not that they don’t have any flaws but they still can stand up to a high end phone any day.

The Moto G7 which is the standard one, comes in a 6.2 inch edge to edge HD screen. It even comes with a notch up front that holds its selfie camera. Add to this a fingerprint scanner on the back and volume and power button where you normally find them and you’ve got yourself a common smartphone look.

The phone can be thought of as a sandwich between a Gorilla Glass and metal back. But apart from other 2019 phones this phone comes with a headphone jack and a micro SD card slot.


The Moto G7 and its brothers are all the same on the inside. They all run Snapdragon 632 processor and they all run on the same Android 9 pie. Besides running on the same processor these phones do have some differences from one and another.

Moto G7 Lineup Comparison:

 The Moto G7:

This Moto comes with the best screen from all three. The phone comes with 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. The Moto G7 also comes with a dual camera set up on the back one of 12MPs and the other of 5MPs. It even comes with a tank of 3000 mAh of battery that will last you a little over a day. Looking singularly at performance then is phone is a cut above the rest.


The Moto G7 Power:

This Moto G7 is a step down from its older brother coming with only 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. It also comes with a 6.2 inch screen as seen in the Moto G7 and a 720p display instead of HD that is in the Moto Power. The notch on this phone is larger and can sometimes give pixelated and grainy pictures.

Moto G7 Lineup

Coming to the back of the phone you have a single 12 MP camera. Its main drawing point is that it comes with a tank of 5000 mAh battery which will last you for two days or more.

The Smallest of the lot- Moto G7 Play:

This phone gives you less as compared to its older siblings. It comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Apart from this it also comes with a 5.7 inch, 720p display. It even comes with the largest notch that you’ll find on a Moto Play phone. Instead of metal at the rear it comes with hard plastic, which some find good enough. But the main source of attraction with this phone is the price which is just $200.

Moto G7 Play

Like the Initial Moto G all the phones in the same lineup come with a headphone jack and a micro SD card slot. Phone call sounds and audio is just like your average day phone. But when you listen to music you can get the most out of the experience by using headphones.

All the phones in the Moto G7 lineup are water repellent and not waterproof so you might want to keep them away from any liquids. When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity none of these models comes with the latest- Bluetooth 5.

Moto G7 and its lineup might just be the best affordable phones of 2019. They’re fast and the camera gets the job done if you don’t expect too much from it. The Moto G lineup does feel slippery to handle but in the end if you’re too uncomfortable then get a phone case. The display may be a little grainy or pixelated whichever you prefer, the phone slightly on the bulkier side of things and less file storage.


But if you don’t mind all these things then the Moto G7 is a really good phone for its price. Plus if you look at the Moto G7 Power it can last you for up to three days based on average usage. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. It may be a little bulkier than the rest but hey no one can argue with three days of battery life can you? These phones range from $200 to $300 and are available at Walmart, Amazon and Motorola.

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Get access to any computer via Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop service

Get access to any computer via Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop service

With Google’s free Chrome Remote Desktop service, you can get access to any computer that runs on Windows, Linux, Mac or Chrome OS. You can access any computer from any mobile device or any other desktop.

Earlier, if one had to access a computer remotely, then it would be a costly affair. It involved a complicated and costly software and technical know-how. Now, it is become so easy that you can even get access to any of the remote device’s contents and click on it just as if you were actually in front of the computer.

How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop

The greatest advantage is that Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to sign into your own personal computer or work computer from afar.

In order to access the  Remote Desktop service, you need to decide on the type of connection, follow a few easy steps and you will be remotely connected.

Steps you need to follow when accessing your own computer using the  Remote Desktop

Firstly open Chrome on the host computer. Navigate to Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop web app. Next click on the circular blue arrow icon within the box labelled ‘Set up remote access.’ After being prompted to download the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, you need to click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button and confirm your desire to proceed. On returning to the original tab, there will be a prompt to enter your computer’s name and move ahead. Click the ‘Next’ button, create a PIN composing six digits. To access the computer remotely, the PIN is needed along with being signed into your Google account for security purposes. A warning may show up in order to ensure that you want to allow the app access to start a remote connection.

How to Prepare Computers for Remote Connection:

You will gain access anytime the computer is powered on and Chrome is running. In case you require the connections to remain for a long time, then go to the computer’s power management settings to ensure it does not go into hibernation mode.

To disable the remote connections, click the Chrome Remote Desktop icon which is on the right of the browser’s address bar. Then click the trash can icon that is alongside the computer’s name to remove it from the app. You can also uninstall the app by right clicking its icon and choosing ‘Remove from Chrome.’

The next step is to connect the computer from either another desktop or mobile device. For this, you need to go to the Chrome Remote Desktop website – which is within the Chrome browser. Sign into Chrome by using the same Google account that you used on the host computer. Your computer’s name will appear and by clicking on it you can begin the connection. You will be in and you can do anything you want, just as if you were sitting in front of the computer.

For access via mobile, download the Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS or Android devices. If you are signed into the same Google account, the app will show the computer and allow you to connect with a tap and typing your PIN.

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